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Mark Stenquist

Quick Access Mobile Navigation

A quick access navigation similar to that of Facebook's for our new Mobile App. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Mobile User Profile Page

I'm working on a new design for our profile page on our mobile app. Still a work in progress! :)

Finally getting around to designing a site for myself. I'd love some feedback!

I've been so busy with my full time gig that I haven't had time to get a site together until now. I'm trying to keep it super simple, kind of like a flyer with small amounts of interactive features. I took the sunset photo on a lake in Maine. I'd love to know what you think so far. :) I'm using... -TypeKit - LESS - jQuery

Site Navigation Dropdown

Recently finished up a simple dropdown navigation that I'm excited about and wanted to share. It's not perfect but a good start. I had to use some jQuery to ensure that the navigation stayed open long enough for the users mouse to leave the channels button and move to the desired channel in the dropdown. As long as the mouse enters the dropdown within X seconds of leaving it, I use clearTimeout() and it stays open.