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Mario Radovac


Header re-redesign

The header for desktop is almost done, only some icons here and some details there are missing. My concern now is: # What would make the best navigation experience on mobile? The items to accomodate were basically this 3, so the layout developed was a "fold out" menu that expands on click but (if the user clicks) shows the same content desktop users see. - "Top read" news, as a quick navigation to scan 5 popular news - Main menu, with the most important topics - Subnavigation, items oriented to interaction rather than a specific topic

Flat VS Gradient. ! Which one is good.?

After very long time posting something here. I need your suggestion. There are 2 files with same UI. Flat VS Gradient. Please give your honest suggestion. My client want to go with gradient. But I suggest please keep Flat as it's very popular now days. Thank in Advance.

TutorZoo Homepage

In the works for a client... looking for feedback This is a responsive web application for Students to discover tutors on their campus. The tutors go through a rigorous interview process and are qualified to teach, No ratings and only the best. Students are able to see tutors by entering in their university, department and refine it down to class specific. Theres one-on-one, private and public groups, referral programs, and an extensive backend management for the student, tutor and the super admin. I was thinking about completely overhauling this and switching it to a white background. The interface elements will all become a little lighter. Thought behind this is to highlight more CTA's. There a lot to the site. The Intro area needs to be cleaned up a little bit, but I like the direction. Tutor area is simple and I wanted to emphasize the fact that, unlike most tutoring site, you can view the tutors immediately. I need more zoo features, but don't want to get "kiddy". It's tough to keep a collegiate level of design on the premise that "variety" is what the name TutorZoo represents. Anything feedback and critique is welcomed :)

An example of how photos should be cropped off, which one do you like?

An example of how photos should be cropped off, which one do you like?

Twitter Redesign 2013

A really long time ago, I was bored and I like to design random stuff whenever boredom kicks in so I re-designed Twitter's dashboard which can be found here: http://forrst.com/posts/Twitter_Redesign-r9y . Now, 2 years passed by and over the years I've learned more and gained more experience so I decided to re-design Twitter again one more time. Yes, I was bored. So here it is. This time I designed Twitter with the idea of creating a wide dashboard that displays everything and be able to quickly access the things you want. The previews you see only shows the design in it's wide-est form and of course if it was ever coded it will be responsive and will do it's magic. Even though I wanted to design a mobile/responsive version I got caught up with client-work and such I did not have enough time to put more work into this little project. Please check it out below and enjoy. I hope you like it. More from me soon, hopefully! Main Dashboard:

Ranger Snapshot: Taasky by Jakub AntalĂ­k

Ranger snapshots highlight the best work from the Forrst community, diving into the design and story behind the most compelling work on the Internet. Snapshots serve as examples of great design presentation for effective design learning and feedback from our community.

Origins - Playing Card design

Hi everyone, I'm working on designs for a new deck of cards and would be interested in your feedback. I'm taking original 16th century cards that inspired today's cards and reworking some of their detail into today's standard format. I do want the deck to have commercial value - be visually attractive - but I still want them to be recognisable as modern descendants of the historic design so there is a balance to reach. There are sacrifices to be made of course in mirroring the design. Interested in your thoughts.

UI Desing feedback needed..!

Here is design of Agile Infoways It's Offshore Development Center operating from India. I would love your feedback about UI. Your suggestion is most welcome that how could i improve more. :)