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Mario Radovac


Help Responsive Start

Hi Forrsters, I'm not familiar with responsive coding, if someone can recommend some good tutorial how best to start? Thanks in advance.

Logo design for construction company

Hi Forrsters, I need help in the final selection of a logo for a construction company. Can you tell me which version is your favorite, first or the second one? Personally, I think that the second version fits better because of the application of the minimum possible logo size on the web as well as in print. Thanks in advance.

UniBoard visual identity - logo for Android App

Hi Guys. I need help with a logo design. I have to finish a project, but the logo is still in progress, so i decide to show the last version of it here to get some feedback. Please wrtite whatever you think about, what can I make better n' stuff. Thanks a lot. The logo should be like a board integratet with the word "board", what do you think about such idea?

Android App Design

Hi Forrst's. I am working on a UI for an Android App for a Contest. I would appreciate comments and feedback. Thanks. Best

Nav for virtual walk

Hi guys, how do you like these navigation for a virtual walk project?

Poster design for party

Hi Forrst's :) Is the Information on this poster good organised? Thanks for your feedback. Regards.

Flags logo for App

Hi, what do you think about this logo for a android app ?

Infographic - University of Applied Science

Hi there, I just want to share my Infographic that i made for my Bachelor's degree. Hope you like it. :)