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Mitchell Hillman

Bank Responsive Homepage

Thanks to the feedback I recieved on my last post, I am posting a new version + responsive versions.

Bank Homepage

I wanted to to get the community's feedback on a bank website I'm working on. This will be a responsive site. Generally I'd like feedback on whether the fonts, brand and images follow a cohesive metaphor. I'm shooting for a 'flat' design but I still find myself relying on drop shadows in a couple places. Thoughts?

Script Logo

This is a logo redesign for a client who sells high-end gifts online. The target demographic is chiefly women. The project here is to simply update the logo (legal name change reasons) without changing any of the existing collateral. The web mockup is from the existing site (not designed by me), but the email template is a new piece of collateral that I did design. For this logo I experimented with a couple type styles.

Wordpress Template

I'm looking for some harsh criticism of this design. This is for a Wordpress theme I'm working on and hoping to sell. There are some aspects of this I really like, like the header, and some that I'm on the fence. Overall I feel like there is an X factor missing and was hoping the great people here on forrst could help with some direction.

Audacity UI Redesign

Here is my attempt to make the Audacity software look a little better. UI of the app works pretty well, I only made minor changes to the existing function but tried to overhaul the look and feel.

Viking Family

This is an illustration I did for fun. There isn't any real symbolism or meaning to the composition. My goal was to define an aesthetic style.