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Mike Evans  Scout Master


Question: Bandwidth monitoring by user with s3

Hey all! I'm working on a new(okay old) project where I need to track each users usage with the app when uploading and serving data. My original plan was super simple where I would just have each new account create a new s3 bucket and then use s3's billing tagging to keep a running tally. But it turns out that s3 only allows 100 buckets and you can't add the tags to individual files or folders. I should clarify that I plan to bill users to recoup my s3 costs. So I do need the actual s3 usage numbers and costs, not just bandwidth and storage numbers from my apps logs. How would you gals and fellas take a swing at this? What obvious solution am I overlooking.

Artoo - Ruby robotics

Ahhhhh yet another Ruby framework for physical programming. Looking forward to trying this out. "It provides a simple, but powerful DSL (domain-specific language) for robots and physical computing." *Arduino *Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 *Sphero *and more to come!


Boag & Headscape share some insights on charging regulars

"The kind of support our clients receive varies depending on their size, how long we have been doing business and how big the web/app in question actually is. We never just charge hourly as we always want the client to be fully aware of the cost associated with the work involved. Clients don’t like to get a shock when a big bill suddenly comes through the door and providing a quote for any work we do helps to avoid feature creep and allows us to make sure development stays within the studio work schedule." ...

Calling all Civic Hackers. Stately font.

Found this yesterday. Totally awesome webfont from intridea that makes it ludicrously easy to work with map statistics. The font is made to perfectly fit together to form the united states and with just a few css styles you can start coming up with some really nice visualizations.

Wow. Talk about responsive design!

I would love to hear you guys and gals thoughts on this. "Now, an experiment by web designer Marko Dugonjić has taken the concept of responsive typography to a new level: using face detection, Dugonjić calculates the proximity a user is from his or her screen, and then adjusts font size accordingly."

GPIO for Raspberry Pi with Ruby

Found this awesome library this morning making it crazy simple to get started using the GPIO (general purpose input output (I/O)) on the RaspPi with Ruby. https://github.com/jwhitehorn/pi_piper Example below.


Happy Cog Was Behind the AMC Theaters Redesign

Always cool to see major brands with clunky sites get redesigned by top web talent. http://happycog.com/ https://twitter.com/hoyboy/status/299225659740393472 !['amc'](http://f.cl.ly/items/3b1S2Y2U2f2d0g031E1L/Screen%20Shot%202013-02-06%20at%201.55.16%20PM.png) http://www.amctheatres.com/

Reminder: Design is still about words

Loving this post from 37 Signals, short and too the point.