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Meks HQ

Libero - Responsive vCard Portfolio Template

We've created small but powerfull template for ThemeForest, and I'm pretty happy with it but there is always some things can be improved. Would love to have some feedback on it, thanks in advance! Check out Libero Responsive Template More info on ThemeForest

Shufl.it - simple and fast decision maker tool

Shufl it is a simple and fast decision maker tool. Type, decide and share your decision with your friends ... Do you have some suggestions regarding the interface? Maybe some ideas? Cheers, meks

Black UI menu

Something black and simple ... You can download it here. Enjoy


Top WordPress Plugins – Rising Stars

The extend page for plugins on WordPress.org features the most popular, highly rated, recently updated and new plugins

ManageWP Redesign

ManageWP have hew logo, and new website now. For your remind ManageWP is a service that allows you to manage multiple WordPress blogs from one Dashboard.


Manage your all your Wordpress blogs from one dashboard

Few months in the making, we are finally able to present you the whole new ManageWP.com service. This is the biggest update since we started almost two years ago and we are happy to show you what we’ve got for you. We are happy to present you new remote dashboard functionality. You will be able to login into the site admin directly from within ManageWP interface. Feel free to explore all cool features of ManageWp - we hope you like it !

Part of Rent a car logo

Here is a snap of typo part of one logo for website that I'm working on...


Original Space Jam Website - blast from the past

This site is left untouched since 1996. This is history of web, and sites like this one always reminds me on my beginnings when my brother and me was sitting in a room and try to do some thing in Photoshop, or Microsoft FrontPage :). That was in 90s, but i remember when we saw this website, we were enthusiastic and excited that one day we will building sites like that. Do you have some websites that are important part of history to you? Here on Forrst we always talk about new technology, let's talk about some old-timers that have soul.