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New Maxlabs Business Cards

Yaaaay! Here are the new Maxlabs business cards. Reeeeally adapted to the new web site design at http://maxlabs.de.


Hellooo, here you see the logo of a product I am creating with some pals. Thanks to Petr Kollarčík for the animalistic help. More on http://maxlabs.de!

Skype for iOS 7 - Concept

Training my iOS 7 skills - Skype concept this time. Visit my redesigned website to see more: http://mxlbs.de/workbook/mobile.html!

Maxlabs Identity

A new possible logo for Maxlabs. I really wanted to throw away the old curved font and seperate icon and do something that's only made of one part. The "M" flame shall represent some kind of a laboratory "component". See the old one here: http://maxlabs.de

Redesigning the current Maxlabs Logo.

I am working on the 4th version of Maxlabs (http://maxlabs.de) and I am currently really looking for a new logo design. It should still contain the icon in some way and the same font but I don't know what to do yet. About Maxlabs: A web - print - mobile design business from Germany with international clientele. Do you have any ideas?

Local Church Logo 2nd Version

After some feedback I made a second version. It shall express more openness. What do you think? http://maxlabs.de

Facebook Messenger for Mac OS X

What's up. I recently created this attempt to make a Facebook Messenger for OS X. Any comments are appreciated. I tried to mix a clean style with some elements of current Facebook applications. A special thanks goes to Anh Vu Hoang (http://dribbble.com/pixelvu). More on http://maxlabs.de.

Dropbox for Mac OS X - Notification Redesign

I am currently trying some redesigns. I really don't like the new Dropbox for Mac OSX notification / upload thingy, so this is my redesign. View the originial here: http://media2.giga.de/2012/09/Dropbox-Beta-Men%C3%BC-2.png More on http://maxlabs.de soon.