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Matt Boldt


Forrst's Dynamic Forms

You've all probably noticed Forrst's new form design. It allows you to tack on multiple text fields, images, code snippets, etc in one post. **How are all of these fields being posted to the database?** Well, the easy answer would be that on submit, it combines all these dynamically created text fields, inserts them into a hidden input, and then posts that to their database. The database would then store a master "body" column in the posts table. **but wait** When I pull up a post to edit it, it still has all of my separate form fields. This means it couldn't have combined them all into one on submit. How are these dynamic fields being saved? ______ **I can only think of a few ways:** They have at least a dozen "extra" columns in the posts table for these dynamic attachments. They have a separate table specifically for dynamically created fields that all belong to a certain post ID. The devs at Zurb are magicians. **Any ideas?**

CSS Button Generator

CSS & SVG Button Generator Tool I've made a generator based on my Pure CSS & SVG social button set. Type in some text, select a style & a type, then copy & paste the code. No images required! Of course, you must include the CSS in your document, but it's lightweight and very easy. It comes with most all of the social network icons, and it's easy enough to throw your own in if you'd like. Since it's all SVG & CSS, you don't have to save any image files or optimize for retina. It just works! Try it out on Devkit

Devkit - Tools & Resources for Devs

Today I've quietly released Devkit, a site I've been working on recently. What started as a little project to learn Rails has become a tool I actually use daily. Right now the objective is simple: provide quick-access to stuff developers need day-in and day-out. This could be a snippet of code you forgot, a block of script you don't want to waste time typing again, or something you've never learned before. It will also feature miscellaneous web tools like meta tag generators, of which you can see here. In the future, I plan to expand the site to accommodate user-generated content and user profiles to store your most used resources. Tell me what you guys think! www.devkit.co

Meta Tag Generator [Beta]

I needed a better meta tag generator after Googling around failed me. There are so many simple things you can include on your site for better optimization, and until now they were all over the place. Now you can fill out a form, copy some code, and BOOM. Done. This is very beta, the design in its rough stage, and the UX needs some work. But for now, what do you guys think? Useful? http://webkitio.herokuapp.com/

Apple.com's Nav Bar

Hi all, I've remade the history of Apple.com's nav bars in pure CSS. Back during the time of these designs, using CSS wasn't an option, and they were all very image heavy. Now with the power of CSS3, they're all reproducible with code alone. I did, however, use base64 encoded images for the Apple logo. Some animations are also done with jQuery. But I've got a problem: the animation for the search bar expanding doesn't work properly in Safari for Mac. Chrome and Firefox work fine, but I just can't figure out the Safari bug. The animation is laggy, and the width is incorrect. Any ideas? The code is all here: http://github.com/mattboldt/css-apple-nav Demo here: http://www.mattboldt.com/demos/css-apple-nav/


Hi all, I recently made a jQuery plugin for my site, http://www.mattboldt.com. It types out sentences for you. At first it was just a cool effect for me to use, but after investing a good amount of time on it I decided to just make a full-on plugin. Here it is! http://www.mattboldt.com/demos/typed-js/

I heard you guys like redesigns

Well not long ago I put up my personal website, which was made with a custom CMS in PHP. I spent way too much time on it, and after everything was said and done I wasn't happy with the design. Now that I don't have to fiddle with backend magic, I had the time and attention span to put 100% into the design and overall UX. That being said, I do plan to rebuild it using Rails in the future, but that's ok because I'm happy with the design now. Some things still aren't quite right viewing on smaller devices, but on the desktop things are working smoothly. I only used 2 background images, 2 images for avatars, and the rest is all CSS (and icon fonts). I like keeping things simple and very easy to go back and edit. While you can't see it on the front end, the whole thing is built using SASS. The typing animation is a jQuery plugin I wrote just for this (which I'll be documenting and releasing soon). Thoughts? Bugs? Do you hate it?

Semantic Buttons

A common design pattern I have to build deals with product download and buy buttons. Since I do it so often, I sought out to create a standard in which to follow. Creating buttons in a way that makes them easy to edit, maintain, and fit alongside existing page structure isn't always your first goal--until you've got to rearrange and you're left with useless code. To fix this problem, I've written a little something up to help keep a standard for all my future call-to-action button needs. The buttons are created with pure CSS, and I used Sass for my preprocessor. Here's the demo and here's the blog post.