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Máté Tóth

Personal placeholder

Hey forrst, I still don't have the time to create a cool new portfolio site, but here's a fancy little placeholder I'M putting together right now. Critiques, comments and favs are always welcomed. Máté

Seven Day Transport logo concept

Howdy, forrsters! Here's another logo concept from me, it's for a transportation company called Seven Days Transport. Cheers, Máté

Energy Broker logo concept

Hello forrsters, I had to do logo designs again, this time for a small company called "Energy Broker". This is an idea I came up with. It supposed to be an electric socket turned into a business man. Cheers, Máté

Video game box

Howdy forrsters, This box is part of a little fun project I'm working on, there's really nothing else I could tell you about it. Cheers, Máté

Personal logo concept

First of all, I'm not a logo designer! Just playing around with Photoshop to create a personal logo for myself. It supposed to form an M and T letter (Mate Toth). Any kind of feedback would be great!

What would you change?

Hi forrsters! We just started to work on a new WordPress theme with my buddy (who's the developer of the team) and this is what I designed so far. My question is: if you could change 1 thing in this design, what would that be? I hope we get a bunh of cool ideas so we can improve the theme a lot. Any other comments or favs would be appreciated. Photos by Matthias Heiderich - give his portfolio a visit! matthias-heiderich.de/photos/

Looking For Feedback - WP Theme Options Panel

Remember the WP panel sidebar icons I uploaded a few days ago? I just built them into a WP panel design. I can't tell you more about this project right now, but be sure to follow my shots for more information. Let me know what you think becouse it's just a quick design I made and I need your opinion!

WP Panel Sidebar Icons

First 32px sidebar icons for a custom WordPrwess panel. (analytics, slider and support) It's a future project, will show you guys more as soon as I can.