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Marko Prljić

AppNet Rhino

I was very pleased to be working on this app for last couple of days. We're beta testing it now and soon will available in the AppStore! Woohoo! The app is called Rihno, a new App.Net iOS client. More info will be available here http://www.appnetrhino.com Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

Agency Interactive - new theme

I've been working on this one for last couple of days and here it is! Of course, you can grab it here themeforest.net/item/agency-interactive-business-portfolio-blog/…


Icon design for iOS. I don't usually do illustrations, not this type anyway so looking for constructive critics. Thanks! P.S.: You may Like it as well :)))


Download The Internet

Download The Internet Just in case someone else decides to shut down their online services you should ...

Zerply Theme

I'm doing a little something for Zerp.ly and I'm proud and happy about it. This is a header of something that should be a new theme.


I'm close to finishing the design of a new theme I'm doing for Themeforest. It's been a long overdue. I hope you will be pleased with the end results.


Mr. Designer Marko Prljić - personal portfolio

Ok, here it is. My new personal portfolio. Tell me what you think about the presentation and overall impression. Mind the code at the moment :P


Forrst mini icon. Those popular social media icon sets have them all but not Forrst icon so I had to create one.