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WordPress Social Testimonials Plugin - Released

Social Testimonial System is a WordPress plugin built using WordPress Fuel. It allows you to maintain list of testimonials you receive from your clients and friends. You can also import recommendations via LinkedIn. There is a 'Ask for recommendation' tool which sends an email to your clients, colleagues and/or friends to fill in the testimonial. You have full control to approve or delete the submission.

WordPress Fuel Framework - Plugin Development Framework - Released

WordPress Fuel is the first HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) WordPress Plugin Development Framework. WP Fuel framework helps you write clean, modular code, and speed up the creation and maintenance of your WordPress plugins. Plugin development is much more fun and enjoyable. It is based on the best ideas of other PHP frameworks.


CSS to Color Palette - PHP Util

Colorize is a super awesome utility to get color codes! Parses CSS file, gets all the color codes (Hex), indexes the colors in the order of usage.

My Profile Page

I have just finished my profile page - Please have a look. Your feedback is appreciated


Open Invitation to Join newly launched creative platform

Hi all, Lets build a creative community where art lovers can show off their work, collaborate, curate, seek and share their opinion about their work, and earn a living. * Do you think art can make you famous? * Is art one of your trades? * Does appreciation and criticism to your work bring you joy? http://www.artange.com/muneeb/follow

Artange - An amazing initiative for all art lovers goes live!

An amazing initiative for all art lovers goes live. Open platform to share and/or curate artwork. If you are sharing other's work please make sure to provide source URL. Looking forward to your feedback freinds :)

Thumbnail vCard

Attached is the thumbnail box with counts and tool-tip to display labels. What kind of mouse hover effect would suit here? Right now I am planning to do hover effect. This is for the upcoming project http://www.artange.com