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Luka Peharda

Geolocation logo

I wish I had your advice when a logo on a test site geolocation. Thank you for your opinion when the form and felt that logo.

Galeković - practice of dental medicine

Logo for client, main idea is that logo symbolize of dentist like superhero... Shield, teeth... serious look / corporate.. What do you think? Thanks for feedback :)

Google maps with a realistic paper look

I just came up with the idea of giving a "paper" look to google maps and that's how I tried to solve the problem. Looks like the demo is working and I didn't encounter any particular problem while coding it, anyone interested in seeing the code? Any advice or critique is very appreciated, let me know what you guys think of it! Edit: There you have the demo: iacopoboccalari.com/demo/mappa/ It may take a while to load because of the 1.2 Mb .png mask... Edit 2: Fixed perspective and shadows where they looked weird in previous version (left side) Edit 3: Let me just say this: Forrst is cool! Thanks to your feedback I added a white border and a more realistic paper texture

daddycheesy web design project update

here is and updated version of the other site. please if you could provide some feedback would be appreciated. see attachment to appreciate the topbar open, what do you think?

Travelguide App

Updating the menu layout for a travelguide app, have gotten some great feedback from you guys....much appreciated! Thought I would share the main navigation menu as well. All thoughts are very welcome.

New personal portfolio logo: www.elcarrote.com

Clean, minimal new logo. E & C symbolize power button.. or 5 to 12 time :)


phpGolf v2.0 finally out

After some months now we have released the new version of the site with some new features and layout that we hope you enjoy. We have upgraded the server, compiled our own php binary and changed the whole infrastructure on the backend coding. Since the new server is faster, some submissions that failed on the old site (v1.0) has now passed on the new v2.0. Nevertheless, some challenges that passed on v1.0 have failed on v2.0 due to the fact that we found and fixed some exploits. If you see that your submission has now failed and you claim that it also should pass on v2.0, then don't be afraid to contact us, that includes bugs and security issues also! Some new features are: - Profiles: Profile pictures, control panel, stats. - Three different challenge types: Private, public and protected. - Better debug tools: Improved "diff", view input and errors. - Tips and Tricks guide - Usefull tools: String inverter (more will come) The forum will get an improvement over time, but it is not our first priority. We have added three more challenges: Math Evaluator, Rot N and SHA1, where the last two is public. Happy golfing.

Icon set for our new website

This is a new clean icon set I am getting together for our new website. They are meant to fit in with the minimal design on white that we just developed. They will have subtle rollovers but I added a bold Forrst rollover for this image. Let me know what you think.