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Joey Adkins



Player UI

I was just bored and i start to create an UI for an music player app

Login Form Freebie

A simple log in form I made last night. Comes with multiple shadow and ribbon choices in a fully layered PSD and Fireworks PNG. Enjoy!

Travel in seven app Detail page

Hi! Here's the last iPhone app I've designed for travel in seven app feedback are welcome. About travel in seven app Travel in Seven is there to give a guidance and review on places which local or foreign tourists can visit, no matter if you’re on a vacation or a business trip. The content itself focuses on not-so-pricey places, which, of course, suit those with tight budget.We provide not only reviews on tourist objects, but also restaurants, dinings, cafes, snack stalls and cheap accommodations

Brown Box Website Redo header mock

Just an idea, Didn't make the logo: it was existing. probs wont continue it but I liked playing with the colours and all that jazz...

a wooden treasure chest

A wooden treasure chest icons for my game. When your character in the game takes it up from the ground you get extra money. There will be a lot of things like this. Hope it's good enough!

Die Internet Explorer

Posted this on Dribbble the other day so figured I'd post it here upon my return. I used to love making bits and bobs when I ran thefinishedbox.com. But that time passed a while ago and it's under new management. So with that I figured I'd make my own freebie site and I can only assume my target market hate IE as much as I do so thus this idea came forward. Sorry firefox (or any other browser) lovers but I made the shift to Chrome about 2 years ago and have never left.

Macappster.com - Logo Version 2.0

Update: Version 2.0 I decided to go mono color with the logo and so far I'm ok with it now. The preview is now in approximately the size which is intended for the website (200 px). There's only the only the question of the bow tie…. Which one do you guys prefer and is there any other thing that catches your eye? If you are interested here are some things I declined: I've went from no face to face back to a smile. I've put an App Store logo on the melon what made the whole guy looking like a Sheriff or construction worker - so it had to go, too. -Patrick Version 1.0: Well, it'll be a blog with a lot of workflow/efficiency stuff and in-depth application reviews, tips and tweaks for OS X - at least that's the main part. I got the domain name 2 years ago and although iDevices are getting more and more popular I made my mind up and will stick with the name. I imagined the symbol behind macappster.com first as this old english gentlemen stereotype - maybe a Mr. McAppster. After drawing a lot of drafts with a hoisting platform that lifts a variation of the application folder icon and a lot of other ideas, I came back to the gentleman theme. A gentleman is determined, precise and cares about his applications…. I hope that seals the deal. So far, so good… I'm still trying to find a way to incorporate a pinfeather or a variation of the application support icon - maybe on the side of the stamp where it says "since 2011". But then again I'm not to sure about the whole stamp thing. … and I'm also looking for a better font. This is basically a version 1.0 - I'll have to sleep over it and see if it will work with my ideas of the blog UI (no ribbons, no more stiching, …). If you got feedback, ideas or things that need to be polished up, I can assure you that I'm willing to take in every word of advise. Cheers, Patrick