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Lucas del Río

Redesign for VKsur

This is a redesign for the website vksur.com/ Still wanting to make it more attractive, but I feel I'm in good track! Any recommendations or comments? I really need to get this great as possible. I'm planning to power it with WordPress as a CMS, never did one but have been studying how to... so that's it =)

Another Personal Home Page

Always trying new things and seeking for new designs. This was another try on my home page personal website. Old one as well

Old Personal Layout: Portfolio Page

Made this design for my own website at the beginning of 2011. This section contained a filterable portfolio with the previews of each work.

Old Personal Layout: Home Page

Made this design for my own website at the beginning of 2011. This was the home page...

Old Mock-up for Hexa

Did this for a small competition. Only the home page

Personal Web Layout: Home Section

Hi there! This is another preview of what I'm working on. I really satisfied with the result of this section, which it's not so common on me... I always start all over again and again. Header with the navigation and logo. Slider with featured work (Nivo slider probably) Introduction of myself, what I do and where I come from. I may add some icons that represent design, programming, etc.. Any comments are welcomed =)

Personal Web Layout: Home

Working on the index for my personal site. The elements are the header, with the navigation and under it a explanation of my "creative process" I would say... That's it for now. There will be some more content as latest projects and blog posts in it.

Personal Web Layout: Portfolio

Portfolio section for personal website. There will be a filterable menu, which has a selected state (Todos) and an :hover state (Logos) that will be "jumping" up a little bit. The images also have a :hover state as the likes (the hearts).