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Vintage/western badge

I know the vintage style is a bit (or a lot!) overused these days, but I decided to try my skills at this and make some badges. What do you think?

Calendar widget

designed a small calendar widget, trying to play with some subtle textures on the header.

Login form v2

Remade the Login form posted a while ago, as I wan't quite happy with the layout. Basically, I wanted it to contain these links to recover lost password & username and also the option to create a new account, while keeping the box narrower.

Another UI set

Following from this menu bar design I did a few days ago, I decided to continue building a UI framework - it's been a good design practice so far! Next step would probably be to turn this into a template.

menu bar

menu bar with dropdown navigation, showing the hover state for a link. Part of a bigger UI framework I'm currently working on.

login form

Design of a login form to include links for Forgot username / Forgot password and the option to keep the user signed in, while trying to avoid it being too cluttered. This is also the reason I decided to place these links right next to the input fields, rather than above or below. I've seen a lot of great looking login forms, but a lot are great also because they lack such "extra" links/options, and this I think eventually affects usability.