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Liron Tocker

Christmas cards arrived.

The cards arrived. It is the first time i ordered digitally print at my regular printer. I always order offset so this is kind of a dissappointment to me. Mildy put the cards are acceptable. But what can you do minimum order is 500 for offset, i dont have that many friends! :D Cards will be sent as soon as my enveloppes arrive. Everything is delayed because of the heavy snowfall here in the Netherlands. We aint used to snow like this, they even ran out of salt again to clear the roads! Love Gordon

Onboard step 1

Working on a redesign of L4F


Hovering over a number on the mountain will overlay a certain word describing telanorth and the mountain illustration will also be altered to relate to the word. This is just a preview page right now, an image with a repeating background, so depending on your resolution the zig zag pattern might not line up, you could just decrease/increase the width of the browser window to see it how it will look once built.

Website nav and header

Don't do much designing these days, but thought I should share some work on here as I seem to only comment on others. Part of the Nav / Head Design for a website about Inclusive Design I'm working on. I'll feed more later.

Socket Panda

While reading my newspaper this morning I saw an advertisement of a Dutch energy company in collaboration with the WWF. This gave me the idea of making a dock (replacement) icon of it. You can download this Safari Icon here

Realistic Shadows in Photoshop

Realistic Shadows in Photoshop I saw this splendid work by Bryan Maniotakis (@takis) and since i've been looking for a way to create realistic falloff shadows in 2D for ages, I was very glad to find His tutorial for this as well. However, I was wondering whether it was possible to create something like that in a scalable manner, using Photoshop's vector shapes and smart objects only. Although my try (seen above) comes somewhat close, i'm not satisfied with the process (using the warp tool on a blurred vector smart object, tweaking around); There's gotta be a simple way to make more realistic falloff shadows for simple shapes in Photoshop! Any ideas and input appreciated. EDIT: If anyone wants to take the .psd for a spin, let me know PSD file here.


Illustration for a client website, i know we see boxes everywhere in webdesign, it seems to be a trend since dropbox came out.