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Ben Bartling

Abstract Pieces Opinions Please!

So I have been working on a new style of art. It involves basic shapes, simple images of nature (like waves, trees, mountains, sand, etc...) and you distort the colours, and simply make everything about shapes and symmetry. Personally I'm a fan of it and it feels like I'm on a new path for design. (Which is awesome!) I wanted to get some feedback on this image. What stands out? What is looks tacky? Different colour set? Less distortion? More distortion? Please let me know what you think! It will really help me decide if I should continue to make these images! It is for sale on my Society6 page! http://society6.com/BenBartling/Abstract-RGf_Print

The Visualator, I wanna know what you all think!

So I think I am going to do a series of these images, since they are nice looking, fun to make and quick to make to. I was wondering what you all thought of this!? Buy it here! http://society6.com/BenBartling/The-Visualator_Print

Please Critique me!

I'm back with need of help in order to win another contest. Please help me! Here is the description of the contest. Design the cover of WTTS Indianapolis' 18th annual Collector's Edition CD compilation. A holiday music tradition since 1995, the WTTS Collector's Edition project has raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthwhile local charities in Indianapolis & Bloomington. The WTTS Collector's Edition Vol. 18, featuring exclusive material recorded in WTTS' Studio 92, will be out this coming November. Volume 18 will include artists Head & The Heart, Snow Patrol, Lumineers, Civil Wars, Ed Sheeran and many more. Create a clear, fun and compelling album cover to adorn the next volume of this much-anticipated CD compilation

Passion Pit Poster Contest PLEASE HELP!

I made this for my AP Art class and for a contest to win $500. I have posted the criteria for the contest below and I would really appreciate it if you guys could tell me how much I am meeting and what I should change to meet it. Can A Song Inspire Art? Create an eye-catching poster to celebrate the release of Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer. We're looking for original art – not advertisements. Passion Pit's music evokes energy and vibrant color and your original illustrations should do the same. Feel free to use song titles from the album for inspiration such as “Take a Walk”, "I'll Be Alright", and “Constant Conversations”. Gossamer Tracklisting 1. Take A Walk 2. I'll Be Alright 3. Carried Away 4. Constant Conversations 5. Mirrored Sea 6. Cry Like A Ghost 7. On My Way 8. Hideaway 9. Two Veils to Hide My Face 10. Love Is Greed 11. It's Not My Fault I'm Happy 12. Where We Belong Suggested Theme & Style Modern designs. No retro looks. Minimalism is preferred over chaos. Feel free to use the song titles from 'Gossamer' as your muse. Does your art convey energy or a spectrum of colors?

Back 2 School Boutique, Would you go there?

I was hired to make this poster. This event is a little "boutique" were single mothers can come and get clothes for their kids, so they have new clothes for the school year. I really enjoyed making this poster, plus its the first creative thing I have made in a while. The white bar is to censor the phone number and email address.

"S P A C E O L O G Y" What do you think?

I uploaded an older version of this in the past but now I have messed with it a little more and really enjoy the results I would really like to know what you guys think of this!

Miike Snow What do you think?

This is a picture of Andrew Wyatt from the band Miike Snow. This is my first attempt at this style of graphic design. I think It came out very nice. I would really appreciate to hear what you like about it or don't love about it!

Walk this Way Poster, Commissioned by St. Stephen's Church

This is a poster I did for St. Stephen's Church. The guy I did it for was in a state of shock and awe when he saw this. I got the idea when a live album of Mumford and Sons came up on Pandora and I thought it was a pretty cool album cover so I decided to go with this minimalistic style! I really like it, I hope you guys do too. Leave me a message below and tell what you think!