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Lewis King

Portfolio redesign

Thought it was about time that I redesigned my portfolio. Let me know what you think! http://lewisking.net - for the live version. The responsive stuff was a little tricky (seeing as all the content has to be both positioned vertically and horizontally and vertically centring something in CSS isn't as simple as it sounds!) I didn't use any framework at all, I just built this from scratch. I do HTML/CSS work every day for the company I work for so it's second-nature now! Hope you enjoy!


Blog redesign

I recently redesigned my blog and I'd love for you to take a look and if you have any feedback, please let me know!


WIP Portfolio

Hey! I'm finalising a new version of my portfolio this weekend to hopefully put live next week. Any feedback would be brilliant! Updated URL Lewis

A little project.

Hi there, A little project I've been working on over the past few days for Blubolt, the company I work for. Clients have been asking for a way to check their stats on the go, and I thought I'd build a simple little web-app. All feedback is greatly appreciated!


New version of my portfolio

Hey, so I've been working on a new version of my portfolio for a few days and wondered if I could get some feedback, thanks as ever! PLEASE NOTE: The portfolio and contact pages don't work just yet on smaller resolutions (gotta work on them) and the blog design is going to match the mains site.

Updated Geomium iPhone app.

Here is the latest version of the iPhone app redesign I'm currently up to my neck in. Updated in this version: The flow in which the user will get to content is improved, I've added more colour to reflect the company's current branding and I'm now in the final stages of finishing the design and submitting it later this week. Any comments are as always, greatly appreciated.

Geomium profile pages

This is the improved profile page, with a better flow and darker background as suggested. Any comments are always appreciated and make my life a lot easier!

iPhone app design.

First time at designing an iPhone app - for those who know the app in question, here is your first look at a new version! Any and ALL feedback will be taken into account, this is my first time at doing an iPhone app and it's bloody hard. Thanks guys! EDIT - I know the bar at the bottom isn't done - but that's already done on their current version so we're just bringing it over.