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Lee Grant

Modern business card design

These are some business card design I created recently, aimed at creatives.

CMS Dashboard

Here's a shot of a CMS dashboard I'm working on at the minute just to try something different, I'm quite happy with it so far but am completely open to suggestion on improvements :)

Macbook pro

Here's my vector version of an apple macbook pro, took a while to define it but think it's there now.

Email newsletter

Back again! Here's an email newsletter template I'm working on, I'll be creating 5 various layouts for the content blocks as well as 5 colour variations .. would like some feedback :)

Midnight SilverStripe theme mobile view

Here's a mobile view for the previous posted SilverStripe theme, if you like it please vote for us by liking the album on Facebook. facebook.com/media/set/

Midnight SilverStripe theme

Back again people, I've been designing a default theme for the SilverStripe content management system which if selected will be viewed by thousands. Hope you guys like and if so please go to facebook and vote :) facebook.com/media/set/

Rocket logo

Back again! I've just been experimenting tonight with a new logo idea, it's not for an official company just an idea I wanted to "put to paper" :)

Login form

This is a simple login form design for a web app, I'm trying to achieve something sleek, stylish & clean. Hope you like it :)