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Florin Gorgan

H Letter - Experiment

This is actually one of my first experiments with lettering. The project on my website.

Flying Triangles

My newest poster, Flying Triangles, featuring a retro, light grunge look, with clouds behind, for a more dramatic effect.

Baby, baby, it's a worng world!

My newest poster design, this time (and from now on), a collaboration with my best friend. He provided me the text (being an awesome writer), we've discussed the design, and I designed it. Tomorrow I'll print the first poster. I think it would be awesome! What do you guys think?

Dani Novac Logo - a logo for my best friend

I want to mention that the business card mock-up is just a way to present the logos. This is my first job for a client. Okay, the client is my best friend, but it's not for myself, so this is important for me. He is a writer (mostly on his blog). We've discussed, and he want something modern, minimalist and clean. I want to be something unique (and I know that those two aren't the most unique logos in the world, but they look good), and I want to make something to emphasize that he is a writer. My idea is a feather. I know that it's pretty common on writers, but I'll give a try. This is the first teaser, the first version. Please, comments are welcomed. Thank you very much!

Air of the night

A poster I made after this quote came in my mind.

Logo - (I think it's) Final

I updated my logo, and I think this is the final version. I added a slash to the 'f', to look more like an 'f' and not an 'l'. I created and a wallpaper, and I love it! I will use this logo as a watermark for my photos as well, so here is a screenshot of how it looks on a photo (I used a small resolution to see how it looks, because I won't use a bigger version on the web). Maybe another suggestion for the font? I used Novecento Wide ... it's one of my favorite fonts. I tried also Minion Pro (serif), Museo and Helvetica, but I think I like this better. And maybe I will buy that domain ... I hope soon!

10.000 Tumblr Posts

This is a small artwork I made for celebrating the 10.000th post on Tumblr. As always as lately, it's grungy and retro looking. I love it, I love the colors and the textures. I hope you'll like this too.

Grunge Twitter Background

This is my current Twitter background. I designed myself, trying to do something grunge, yet modern and clean. It's also available for sale on Graphicriver. Also, It's matching my desktop wallpaper.