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Kyle Ribant

Wireframes for new site

I'm refreshing my personal brand for 2014, including my site. I am attaching my first iteration of wireframes for public review. **Primary goals:** - Communicate my skill in UX, IxD, Visual and Development - Self service for future employers and others in my industry **Secondary goals:** - Encourage users to message me - Determine effectiveness of the CTA's at the bottom of each page vs. the links in the nav bar. **I would appreciate feedback on:** - Organization of content (especially on about and process pages) - Overall layout suggestions - Additional things I may be interested in tracking - I've also included some previews of my personal branding set. Feel free to comment on this as well. Thank you for your time!


Since I graduate from Michigan State University this May, I decided to rebrand myself. A large part of my branding process included the demonstration of my web design capabilities. I consider myself an interesting character with a liking for cartoonish illustration and I wanted to translate this into my brand and personal site. To illustrate my youthful sense of design, I chose four basic colors and desaturated them. I chose Brandon Grotesque and Quicksand as my typefaces. The bold, geometric and sharp feel of Brandon Grotesque is balanced by the soft, bouncy and round characteristics of Quicksand. Since responsive design is imperative to the web, I wanted to create a design that would allow full scalability in all contexts. While I enjoy Twitter Bootstrap, I wanted to handcode this myself to really stretch my limits and show what I can do. This site has been live for about two weeks now; I am finding more and more small details to change, but I would appreciate any and all comments on the site! Since this is what the world will see, I want it to be as polished as possible.