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Nick Kumbari

Ice on Stick

who want an ice?:) just trying to make some fruit ice, just for fun and practice!


Quick draw of a small and cute faceless monster for fun :) hope you like it ;)

Saba Books Icon

Icon for "saba book e-store" reader for IOS http://saba.com.ge/

A is for Apple

Hey everyone let's back to childhood! A is for Apple :) hope you like it just playing with type :)

User Interface

practice in User Interface, just trying mix grey and blue. so what you think? need feedbacks and advices ;)


Hey there, working on art icon iPencil (: so guys i need some feedback/advice it is completed or?


Hey guys this is my second post on forrst! i dont have iPhone but i have this little xPeria 8 so i hope you like it :)

One Sided Tape

Hi Forrst this is my first shot so hope you like it. One Sided Tape so you can't rewind it. Not Client work made for fun and practice.