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Kumail Hunaid


How do you market your app with a tiny budget?

So you launch your app and everyone that hears about it loves it. Some even pay for it. Except that your reach is limited and you have exhausted your network. I personally have next to no experience marketing anything. Many of you however have launched amazing products and have managed to get large numbers of potential customers excited about it. I need your help! I have a tiny budget of 3000$ which I must use wisely. The product I am trying to raise awareness for is Formbakery (http://formbakery.com). My target audience is the web design freelancer who has a decent clientele. How would you solve this puzzle? How do you reach masses of freelancers with a tiny budget?

New homepage

My app Formbakery helps designers build forms. On visiting the site you see the homepage, then if you decide to build a form you would go to the bakery page. In an effort to increase conversion rates, I am thinking of getting rid of the homepage and replace it with the blue bar on top. The funnel currently looks like this: Homepage > Bakery > Preview > Export It would look something like: Bakery > Preview > Export I am hoping that reducing this one step will make it more likely that a new visitor will try out the app. Not totally convinced but I am going to try it out and see what happens. What are your thoughts on this?

Dubai Pipes Factory

This a concept I just completed for a local pipe manufacturer. Would love to hear your feedback, negative & positive :)


Round2.it - A birds eye view approach to project management. Each project has a set of tasks (research, design, development, testing, or your custom set of tasks) which in turn have more tasks (coding, integration, installation, etc). Tasks represent a % of each project. As tasks are ticked off, the project is that % complete. Unlike traditional project management applications which need a specific work flow, Round2.it merely tries to offer a quick understanding of the different phases each of your projects are in without generalizing the work flow of your project. I would love to hear your thoughts especially if they are negative :) (i will respect you for telling me the truth, promise!) This project is a partnership between me & @dojohnso :-) Designer + Developer = Super Powers