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Konrad Kiss

MMO site template update #1

The new design is coming along quite well. This is an actual XHTML template screenshot. The videos with the screenshots on the right are pulled in from a YouTube favorites list via their Data API. The template uses jQuery and ColorBox and it's still very much a w.i.p. One of the primary focuses was being able to add lots of content quickly. This is why we only need to favorite a video on YouTube to make it appear on the site. We can also add a new ticker page and choose an existing background for it - making mobile administration a lot easier.

Working on a new design for an MMO website

I've been stalking Forrst for a good while now, and I thought it was just about time to start blogging about my daily work - hoping to get feedback and become more involved around here. :) I'm a programmer, but I also like to work on design now and then. We're working on a massively multiplayer game with my indie studio, and as we're getting closer to launch date we thought it would be a good idea to update the current design on the website. So this is what I've been working on today. I tried to borrow from other similar websites in terms of function and usability (which is a primary thing here). I like to use real-like text instead of Lorem Ipsum as you can see - it gives me ideas as to the final function of the site. This is very much a work in progress snap of course, and an early one at that. I'll also post the final stages later on. Any feedback is very much appreciated! -- Konrad PS: The images are actual pics from the game.