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Roman Lickel

two's complement convertor (any precision)

hi everyone. the attached image shows a convertor to transform a two's complement into a decimal number and vice versa, which i did for a school project (processor-simulation already posted under http://forrst.com/posts/Processor_Simultor_Assembler-aGx). I found the convertor quite useful therefore I made a standalone website for it.

Processor Simulator (Assembler)

This screenshot shows our latest exercise we had to accomplish at school. I have implemented the demanded processor simulation in javascript and html (using jquery, css3, html5 of course). The second exercise was to write an assemlber program to multiply two binary (16 bit) numbers (in 2's complement). The result must be stored as a 32 bit 2s complement number.

javascript:var fileref=document.createElement('script');

For everyone who is using moodle and ios (pdf issue)

As our university updated their moodle plattform I couldn't open pdf's on the site anymore. In fact they provide pdf's inside an object which ios devices don't show properly. if you want to get the real pdf path you can add this javascript as a bookmark and it will generate you a link to the pdf

Turingmachine, a schoolproject, realised in html5, css3 and js

This is my latest project we had to do at school. Aim of the project was to built a simple turing-machine in whatever coding-language you wanted to. The turing-machine was intended to be able to calculate a multiplication and factorial, showing up the current state of processing, the tape(s) and a state-diagram. My state diagram is generated by jsplumb, therefore i can even mark the current state as the machine is running. Hope you like it as the teacher did :D. turingmaschine.klickagent.ch/mehrband/ if you are interested any further: i also built a single-tape turing machine turingmaschine.klickagent.ch/einband/


CSS3 Media Query To Detect if Browser is in Full-Screenmode

Hi everyone. Does anybody knows how I can detect if the browser is running in fullscreen mode or not by a media query in a stylesheet? Thanks for your answers!

Browser Home Page

This snapshot shows the latest remake of our home page. The page is set up to access the most useful information as quick as possible. (for German-Spoken-Countries only, sorry guys ;) ) start.bachmannhilft.ch/

set backup_drives to {"NAME OF BACKUP DISK1", "DISK2","DISK3"}

set mounted to 0
repeat with bckp in backup_drives
	tell application "Finder"
		if (exists bckp) then
			set mounted to 1
		end if
	end tell
	if (mounted > 0) then
		--display dialog bckp
		do shell script "sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/" & bckp & "/" with administrator privileges
		do shell script "tmutil startbackup"
		exit repeat
	end if
end repeat

How to use multiple Backup Disks Timemachine (Lion)

Anyone was ever wondering if lion can switch between multiple backup disks automatically? This Apple Script alllows you to add multiple backupdisks and changes them automatically! If you don't want to enter your root password everytime you can enter it like this inside the applescript (be aware of the security loss!): do shell script "sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/" & bckp & "/" user name "USERNAME" password "PASSWORD" with administrator privileges To launch the Apple Script on mount of the specific disks I am using DSW (Do Something when): azarhi.com/Projects/DSW/