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Kenil Bhavsar  Pro

Basecamp Redesign

It's dream to be part of creative and passionate team. So always we love to spend few hours to build something unique. Here i redesign Basecamp project screen, widgets and mobile app. Feel free here you can take a look for RealPixel. [web](http://dribbble.com/shots/1488961-Basecamp-Redesign/attachments/223047) | [widgets](http://dribbble.com/shots/1494237-Basecamp-App?list=users&offset=0) | [mobile](http://dribbble.com/shots/1494237-Basecamp-App/attachments/224140)

movie store - FREE PSD!

I love all the movies from Marvel studio and here is UI / UX of MovieStore for free PSD! Thanks for Watching! [RealPixel](http://dribbble.com/shots/1436468-movie-store-FREE-PSD/attachments/211533) [FREE PSD](https://www.dropbox.com/s/daish8w922er0gq/movie-store-psd.zip)

Nike UI / UX

The UI / UX for the world big brand Nike. I would like your feedback how to improve more. RealPixel on [Dribbble](http://dribbble.com/shots/1421262-Nike-UI-UX?list=show)

Nike - App design!

App UI / UX for the world big brand Nike. Please help me to improve for more pretty UI with your great feedback. Thanks! Awesome Photography by nike and Dave Lehl Get more at [Dribbble](http://dribbble.com/shots/1406837-Nike-App-design?list=users?list=users?list=users) and [Behance](https://www.behance.net/gallery/Nike-App-Design/14192071)

App Icon Design collections of 2013!

Also take a look [@Behance](https://www.behance.net/gallery/App-Icon-Design-collections-of-2013/13376361)

Web Design!

Hi Forrsters, After long time here is my post for new web design of DotsDashes. It's simple one page design. DotsDahses is an app company providing IT services. I would love your feedback and like for this. Thanks!

Icon Design!

Icons design for upcoming app. The app concept is secret and i can not explain for now. But please let me know what do you think for these icons? I would like your view for same. Thanks!

Redesign of AGILE!

Redesign of AGILE Infoways. I would love your feedback on design. How can i improve more? Here is Real Pixel