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Saddam Hussein Mohd Sohaimi

iProduct PPT Presentation (video)

I don't know if we are allowed to post work with external link. Especially video. This is my new template design for Product presentation, 100% made with PowerPoint. Please click link below to watch demo video. Anyway, if you have any comment, love to hear it. Thanks. :) kaixerart.com/…

Queue Biz Card

Another idea for biz card. What do you think?

Rockstar Skull Card

I always post clean and colorful business card, but today I try sometime that totally different from my other design.

Cubic Business Card

Another business card made by me. The concept is Rubik's cube, but I play with different colors and this cube also represent something that hard to solve but the company offer something that other company can't offer. I don't know, just play with the idea. Comment greatly appreciate. :) kaixerart.com/…

Juicy Brain Business Card

Hi, Just want to share my latest business card design. Try to play new idea, grid pattern for background and there is no particular reason why I chose 'I am not a doctor', but brain familiar with doctor I guess. :) Obviously the brain not looks juicy. kaixerart.com/…

WeDesign Web Layout

Here is my other web layout, this is still in progress. If you can see screenshot above, there are lots thing to improve, especially the typography. Comment greatly appreciate. :)

Apex Identity

Just an update Apex design, this time I make corporate id for Apex. Biz card (redesign) - Old biz card: forrst.com/posts/… Letterhead Invoice Letter kaixerart.com/…

Bookmark Card

Before this I post a snap 'SNAP photographer business card' which is a die-cut business card (forrst.com/posts/…), and I got new idea to make a bookmark business card. Since it's not a standard size for business card, I guess it's hard to find potential client. Featured on Creattica: creattica.com/business-cards/bookmark-business-card/… kaixerart.com/…