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Justin Seiter


Introducing bigto.do | FreshBooks time tracking for to-dos

We'd like to introduce you to a web app launching soon called bigto.do! WHAT IS IT: bigto.do is a FreshBooks add-on for tracking time on your to-dos. We love FreshBooks, but we want to be more efficient when it comes to incorporating our to-dos with time tracking. bigto.do is an add-on that will pull in all of your projects and allow you to instantly start tracking time on any to-do item you create. HOW CAN YOU GET IN: We're looking for beta testers to work with us and make this add-on something great for FreshBooks users! If you're interested, or know someone that might, please sign up at bigto.do or share this post. WHAT IS REQUIRED: An active FreshBooks plan is the only requirement. HOW MUCH IS IT: Totally free! Many FreshBooks users are already subscribed to a FreshBooks paid plan and we didn't want to add to that line item. WHO MADE IT: A tiny web design shop called Big Name. QUESTIONS: If you have questions or something you'd like to share, feel free to reply below, tweet bigtodoapp, or contact us directly at info[at]bigto.do. Thank you! Justin