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Designing fully compatible, commercial WordPress themes

I've been selling themes at ThemeForest now for about a year and a half. Over this time, I've encountered a variety of issues, had to adapt to a series of changes and trends in the market. Just recently I released a new theme http://themeforest.net/item/urbannews-wp-magazine-theme/3509166, a magazine layout, responsive, etc. It started selling pretty well, but it didn't take long before I received some negative feedback. I was told that it wasn't working well on Android devices. I've not encountered this issue previously, and I don't have access to Android devices to test the compatibility. The customer who voiced this insisted that as a professional designer I should own a variety of devices to understand the full compatibility of my themes. ThemeForest does not require compatibility on all devices - but I always want to offer the best theme possible. Without owning every mobile device available - is it necessary to setup each virtual environment for testing purposes? Is it practical? Are Android devices so different from Apple devices that it requires special attention? Is it the responsibility of theme designers to offer full compatibility with every single device or is that unreasonable? If it is the responsibility, does any one have any suggestions how to best address these constantly evolving requirements? Thanks for any ideas, thoughts, suggestions!

WordPress Theme in Progress...Crisp

New theme I'm working on at the moment. It's built on Foundation responsive framework, so it fits nicely in all media. Relatively early in the design process, but this is what I've come up with. Here's the working demo, though changes are constantly being made, you can check it out ;) themes.siiimple.com/crisp/

New Siiimple Re-Design

Just thought I would share a re-design of my minimalist css gallery, siiimple. I've been working with responsive design, especially with Foundation. I'm not totally happy with how the re-design responsiveness, and am tweaking some elements. But it's a tremendous step up from the previous design. My main focus was to build responsiveness into the gallery, but also find a way to store lots of navigation options (especially categories, registration form, etc.). I store some information within a slick dropdown using this strict found on Dynamic Drive - Animated Collapsible DIV v2.4 - I think it came out nicely. Still tweaking some things here and there (design is never finished :), but thought it was worth a share!

Just released a new WordPress theme! Hope Forrst likes it!

Building my portfolio at ThemeForest, and wanted to share my latest release, and my progress. Called it Zoho, which in Buddhism means "hidden treasure". I packed it full of options, and page templates, and has unlimited color schemes. But the biggest focus was making it as customer server/issue free as possible, since one of the more time consuming aspect of theme development is actually the customer service. Anyway, you can check it out at: themes.siiimple.com/zoho/ Any comments or thoughts, tips, advice, whatever...fire away! Thanks!


For next several days, I'm donating all my (Siiimple) WordPress theme sales to benefit Occupy Wall Street.

I wanted to support their cause. And also being professional distance runner I know what it's like to be exposed to some damn freezing temperatures, and I know it sucks - So I wanted to help out a little by donating some clothes, coats, whatever. It's not much, but it's something. I'd love to write a nice big check in a show of support! I bundled up all the Siiimple themes (I can't sell the ThemeForest themes because it's against their policy) into a $25 package and any sales, all 100%, will go toward buying clothes, etc. for the people in NYC. If interested, go check it out, see which themes are available siiimple.com/…

Hey Forrsters! I'm giving away a WordPress Theme...

I just wanted to share a WordPress theme I created for free and am giving it away for a week. You can check it out, along with the demo, here. Enjoy!

New WordPress Theme Released!

Just released a brand spanking new theme, and I would like to share it with the Forrst community. If you follow any of my previous theme posts, you will know that usually these themes are only accepted after a series of rejections, and this one was no different. I finally got YIELD through after having to revisit it about 4 times. Each time I was "stumped" as to the direction I was to go - in terms of what changes needed to be made, etc. But after settling down and really trying to rethink the process, I was able to really put some neat touches on and get it passed. Anyway, let me know if you like it! And if you have any questions about the process of getting it on ThemeForest, ask away! Here's a version that was rejected: If you dig it, consider buying it!? :)

Paragon - Classic WordPress Theme ( finally finished it :)

My 4th theme that has been accepted on ThemeForest, which is exciting - and I wanted to promote it here on Forrst (need to use my acorns somehow, right?). It has a bunch of options, a cool Twitter slider, a few different slideshow options, Google fonts, etc. I'm happy with it's result but also a little more happy that I don't have to work on it any more and I can move on to something different. If you want to buy it, that would be awesome...here's the link to check it out bit.ly/…