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Jono Mallanyk  Pro

New (temporary) personal site

My new temporary personal site. A sort of interactive business card type site with a small overview of my work. It's really only partly finished, lots of small tweaks to be made and things to be added. You can read a behind the scenes blog here if you would like more info: blog.mallanyk.com/post/10471419735/…

Keyboard shortcuts overlay

Keyboard shortcut overlay activated on rollover, one of the elements on a new site launching tomorrow. For some reason the GIF was showing up terribly on the Forrst preview, so you can view the animated version here.

Wireframe for company redesign

Finally making my first post to Forrst :) Working on a new site for my company, which hasn't updated since I started in the lead design position 2 years back. I'm part way through turning the wireframes into a concept. Started last night, hoping to get it done & launched by next Friday! Note: It's early, so lots of work still to be done!