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Jim Ramsden

PhoSho - showcase your instagram photos

We've just shipped the beta release of our latest side project. It's a web app for Instagram, that lets you create stylish online albums. We'd love you to test it out and give us some feedback. Even if you don't have an Instagram account, you can browse the popular showcases. Help us to improve the product.

Support a Mo-Bro this Movember - www.redmovember.com

Hey fellow forrsters This snap is a quick peek at the snazzy one-pager we hacked together for Movember. 6 of us are growing a tache for charity we've been uploading a photo of our whiskers everyday. Check out the live site redmovember.com and please support us with some likes and retweets. And if you can spare a few quid that's even better - It's all for a good cause. Many Thanks : {


10 most inspiring designs from January 2011

The latest round-up of outstanding design - The 10 best sites that got added to Design Fridge last month.



The best slider plugin i've ever used. Simple to set up, flexible markup, and easy to customise with tons of features.


Improve UX with Microcopy

Microcopy can be that little piece of UX magic which brings a smile or creates a sale. Joshua Porter set up a flickr group dedicated to microcopy and here's a few examples of where it's done well...


It took a few years but I finally found an excuse to include myself as part of an interface. And the best thing is i get to be a fighter pilot! This is a section of the task management app I'm building - on WP of all things.