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Your thoughts: Inline HTML Styling

I wanted to know what everyone's thoughts are on styling tags within their HTML markup. For example: <a href="#" style="YOUR CSS HERE"></a> Raw Code » Should this be avoided in ALL cases or are there some cases where it is necessary. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Simple Alert Design

I have been working on designing a simple info box to go at the top of a few of my wordpress posts. However, I am not sure if I am digging the colors I have chosen. I am referring to the little yellow box with the lightbulb. I have been having a hard time coming up with some colors which will match the current design but be unique at the same time. I would love everyone's opinion about what I could do to better make it unique and "pop" out. The purpose of the box is to provide additional info. I want to it to serve its purpose but be rather unique. I would love all feedback I can get! Thanks!


Wordpress Custom Fields in RSS Feed

Hello Forrst Community, I have currently been working with some custom fields in my wordpress design. However, I came into a problem. If you look at this recipe (post) grubgodsway.com/recipe/… you will notice the yellow notepad. Everything in that notepad is a custom field. I don't really mind if the items under "Additional Info" don't show but I really need the "Ingredients" to show in the RSS feed because that is an essential part to any recipe. So my question is how do I get that custom post type for ingredients to display in my RSS feed? I am not at all familiar with XML so I need a little help. I appreciate any help I can receive. This is one of the only things keeping me from launching this site to the public.


Wordpress - Nav Menu Won't Show on Home Page

Hello Forrsters, I am currently using the latest version of Wordpress and I am having a issue I cannot seem to debug. I have a nav menu that I registered in my functions.php file and I added it to my header file to display where the old hand coded nav was. It works well on every page but the home page. For some reason it will not display on my home page but it has no problem displaying on all my other pages. Does anyone have any idea what the cause may be or maybe someone else has had this issue before. Thanks for the help and God bless!

That perfect green...

Hello Forrst Community, I am in the middle of doing a design for a site I manage and I have been having the hardest time finding that "perfect" green. It seems that Facebook was able to find that perfect green and I want to find one too that matches my current color scheme. Here are the current hexadecimals: Blue: #224879 Gray: #3F3F3F Light Gray: #ECECEC I plan on using the "perfect" green for buttons, table headers, etc. If anyone could give thier insight on the "perfect" green I would love it! Thanks and God bless!