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Jeremy Olson

Hours Animation via Quartz Composer

I intended to post an animated GIF showing our Quartz composer experiments but I can't seem to upload the GIF for some reason. You can see it by clicking the link at the end, though. One of the new things in iOS 7 is a built in physics engine and a new focus on interactions and animations. As designers, that is super exciting! Unfortunately, traditional design tools like Photoshop lack the ability to flesh out these kinds of new interaction ideas. Photoshop is built for static mockups. That doesn’t quite cut it all the time. Quartz Composer is a great tool to learn (it does have a steep learning curve) that allows you to play around with UI animations. You can read more about it and see our experiments on our Tapity blog:

Hours iOS 7 redesign

We've been working on redesigning our apps for iOS 7. It's been quite an interesting challenge but we've found that it is helping us solve interaction issues in ways we hadn't thought about before. Read my full thoughts through the link. Would love to hear your thoughts on the design and on responding to iOS 7 in general.

Languages Visual Theme #2

I've been iterating on this for a while and want to post it again to get more input. Languges is an offline translation dictionary that we're building with Sonico Mobile (the makers of iTranslate).

Languages - more detail

Here is a Languages snap with more detail. Iteration #1. Rip it apart. Languages is an offline translation dictionary that Tapity is designing and Sonico (iTranslate) is developing.

Languages App Visual Theme

This is iteration #1. Rip it apart! Languages is an offline translation dictionary that Tapity is designing and Sonico (iTranslate) is developing.

Free in-app Facebook marketing - did I just strike gold?

The idea is this: Release Grades 2 as a free app (no paid version, no lite version – just one app). Place some ads in the app. Allow users to get rid of ads with an in app purchase (maybe $1 or $2). This is the new part: users can also get rid of ads for, say, a month by simply sharing the app on Facebook (which they can easily do right within the app). Read more on my blog: tapity.com/iphone-app-design/free-facebook-marketing-did-i-just-strike-gold/

Sneak peek: Grades 2 iPhone UI

First post! This is a preview of Grades 2 UI (v2 of gradesapp.com), which is just about to head into the beta testing phase. Let me know what you think. I've been sharing my a weekly behind the scenes video over at tapity.com