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Julien Desrosiers


TCL script to generate HTML image galleries from image folders

It's a simple (read: dumb) script that I made in a couple of minutes, but I found it interesting to post it here in Forrst since there's not much discussion about TCL on this site, despite the fact that it's a very nice and flexible language. Let me know if you like it!


My first Tcl project: Toi (WIP)

Toi (means 'You' in french) is a command line tool like Fabric, but in Tcl. See toi-deployment.tcl for an example of how you would use this to deploy a simple site. I made this to learn Tcl, which I'm starting to like a lot. Let me know what you think!


The Daily WordPress Reference newsletter

The goal of this project is to help you learn all the (intimidating list of) WordPress functions, without abandoning or forgetting about this goal. My guess is that if you subscribe now, and read each email you receive (takes about 1 minute each day), then next year you should know the WordPress API pretty well. Which will help you becoming a kick-ass WordPress developer. And it's free! I'd like to know what you think of this idea, or if you have any questions.


the Totoro blog engine

Why? Because i wanted to redesign my blog and : I got bored of WordPress. I wanted the simplicity of Toto, but wanted it to be in PHP (fast, low memory foot-print, simple to deploy, i didn't feel like using Heroku). I had nothing better to do. Feedback is welcome!


INK your content

From the website: "INK is a new way to own your content. It’s a well know fact, the content you produce can be shared all around the web and in a very large number of ways. One of the most common way is to simply copy the content and paste it wherever we want it to be shared. That’s fair, but there’s one problem; most of the time you don’t get credited for the content you produced and the shared content is given out of context without any way to go back to the origin (your site!)" Read more about INK – Own your content | Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors on: no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/ink-own-your-content/;

Number.prototype.times = function(func){
  for (var i=0; i < this; i++) {

// then you can do this:
3 .times(function(){


Yes, it's pretty nice to be able to add methods to built-in Javascript classes. I added myself a "times" method to the Number prototype, like what we have in Ruby. So you can do this: 3 .times(function(){ /* repeat this code 3 times */ });


scie.nti.st » Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way

Nice tutorial that explains how to setup gitosis on your own server for hosting your Git repositories easily.