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Josh Turner

JoshuaTurner.com redesign

Finally redesigned my personal site! This is also my first go at a responsive website design. Many thanks to the 1140 responsive grid system (cssgrid.net/) for speeding up the development process.

Silversmith Logo

This is a new logo for the Silversmith platform. Silversmith is a web application that makes developing for the SilverStripe CMS a breeze. For this logo I wanted it to convey that the Silversmith web application was a tool for the SilverStripe CMS. I did this by "echoing" the SilverStripe branding but being careful not to step on it. You can see the SilverStripe "S" in this mark but abstracted enough that it becomes it's own distinct brand. Typographically I tried to stay away from the standard all lowercase sans-serif treatment you see for most software or apps. Instead I chose a woodcut typeface from the turn of the century that could have been used at an actual silversmith's workshop for signage back in the days of yore. Related: Screen from the application forr.st/… Explanation of Silversmith from Aaron Carlino aka Uncle Cheese

Silversmith a SilverStripe admin generator

This is a mockup of a project I have been working on with SilverStripe developer Aaron Carlino (aka Uncle Cheese ) In a nutshell, this is a web application that would give developers a gui to create custom templates and fields for the SilverStripe CMS. You learn more about it here

Wiffle® Ball Team Logo for Capital Kitchen

This is a logo for my team that is participating in the 1st Annual SLAMDiabetes Wiffle Ball Tournament. A combo of cookware, wiffle imagery and intimidation had to be in the mix when designing this. Feedback is welcomed though this is almost out the door to the printer. I just noticed I need to adjust some kerning issues before I send it out. If you want to donate some money in the name of our team you can help a kid with Type 1 Diabetes have a better life. The donation widget is in the right hand column and be sure to select the Capital Kitchenators from the drodown. parentingdiabetickids.com/slamdiabetes/wiffle/ Donate as little or as much as you want. It's truly a noble cause. Thanks!