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Jay Cameron

Opinions on New Logo illustration pls

After a few mock-ups (document with the first letter of the site on it, different colours - oranges for the document and light/dark grey's) I've finally come up with a logo illustration that I think expresses the concept the and the colours that will match up nicely with the web design colours. Of course I need a customized font, or totally new font sketched and created by a font guru (if custom font) using illustrator - not my strong suit when it comes to font design. So for the moment I'm playing around with fonts in my collection and trying to customize them to style that suits the illustration and blends well together - which is hard trying to find the right font as you can imagine, and placement is also one of my concerns. I will upload my 1st satisfactory mock-up of the font when complete. For now, phaze 1 - the illustration - ANY SUGGESTIONS, CHANGES, ADDITIONS? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. It is for a Document 2 Image Conversion Web Service (the one I have been working on as a part-time side-project for over 1yr now, I have 1 more txt 2 png 'word wrap' bug to iron out & the hotlinking & ImgHost API Upload features to finish as they are partly complete & then the actual Web Design can begin - the the long awaited BETA Launch!). Thanks for taking the time to read the background story of this project and checking out the logo illustration and ur likes/dislikes and opinions are much appreciated. - Jay


Help with PHP problem please

Howdy guys, It's been over a year since I've posted a 'HELP' post but with a limited understanding of PHP/mySQL & my coder departed for a full-time gig I'm in a tough spot. I have quiet a few features to add to my site before the official BETA launch, but with 11,500+ uses & no promotion other than Google and word of mouth I guess things are not as bad as they seem. Well to my problem, first I will explain what the Web Service does exactly (so far in Alpha). It converts .txt documents into .png images and is based on an open source code which converted .nfo format into .png and we added .txt and more to come. Everything is running fine from a coding perspective with only a few minor bugs during development, and this problem is one of them.... If a txt file is formatted as 'word wrap' and uploaded the word wrap does not stand - which I suppose is normal, though weather the word wrap is active or not the converted .png is formated in that the .png file breaks up the text in paragraphs so if a section of text is continuous for 2 1/2 lines before a full stop it comes out in the converted file as one single line going off the imagined 'square' of the .png file and towards the far right of the screen. IT does seem the period (.) is the breaking point where a new 'paragraph' starts on the png file - that is the most likely cause from what I can tell from my limited PHP experience, though the thought crossed my mind it might be the space in between lines of text that may cause this also. After a few wks of research and asking some php coders, they mentioned something about being able to limit the amount of words or letters per line using some sort of code and also another method that was well over my head in that it had to do with why the text is behaving this way and using some code so it behaves as it is written out?? The conversion is fine aslong as the text is not more than 1 line long, and ASCii symbol drawings come out replicated as they should, so from my research it is specifically a problem with text acting bizarre... The BEST way to see what I mean is to test it for yourself using both a non-stop string of text without a period (.) over a couple of lines on notepad & then a couple of paragraphs of strings of text with only a period at the end of each and a space in between the two paragraphs - You will understand the coding dilemma once you experiment with it AND HOPEFULLY a solution will arise. (FINGERS CROSSED). I AM STUCK on this particular problem which is stopping me from moving forward to .doc & .docx formats or atleast .rtf if the makeup of how WORD saves its documents does not allow the same method as .txt to convert. the URL is http://NFOPic.com It's not pretty, as I said it is a collaboration project which actually started right here at FORRST when a couple of us decided to start a collab group that uses open source, (cc) licensed repository material etc which is an ever growing scene & thought what better way to get developers/designers/coders snippets & work out there as part of a whole project, while also giving back to those same repositories any frameworks, snippets etc so others can work on them, adding to them, developing better versions.... basically the circle of life - corny but a valid idea & a great opportunity for beginner freelancers to add to their portfolio/resume and even pro's to do the same while getting experience working with others in a collab mindset & scenario. This is the 1st of our projects, starting with something small but in a small enough niche to see just how well it did/is going. Though the idea behind it is also the idea for a much larger more mainstream service. Sorry for the personal plug, I just felt it encouraging to know where I'm coming from & how much this means to me since my full-time coder is no longer with us, and he being the only coder as we are a young organization I'm basically up shits creek as much as I hate asking for hands on help, though I'm all out of questions - as hard as I tried and studied php.net etc I just cannot get past this. I can give access via FTP and/or the relevant source code to anyone willing to help out with this problem. THANK YOU FOR READING & I APPRECIATE YOU TAKING AN INTEREST IN REPAIRING THE LINE OF CODE. Thanks Again, Jay P/S URL: http://nfopic.com


How to Create (PSD Tutorial? /Simple Tut) Header w/ Triangle Points Length of Bottom End (IMG Eg.)

Howdy again Guys, I've been here for 2yrs-ish+ - How time flies, and I have learnt alot and given instruction when asked, though I am now a student of PSD to Web Design/Coding & am having been searching Blog's and especially google.com on How to Create a Triangle Bottom Header Image... coming up short, even for a top 10 (etc) of Triangle Bottom Header Images (vice-versa with Footers). Can someone please point me to an Advanced Video Tutorial (if not Free) a Backup Step-by-Step Tutorial Also please, as I'd really like to learn this rather than finding 1 or a few in a bundle etc. OR a Photoshop Action that makes the pattern on the bottom edge would be a BONUS! - As Always I really appreciate you're PS & Web Coding Guru's (as well as my Javascript/PHP/AJAX/jQuery/CSS3/UX Friends :-) (a HUGE thx again) Here is a link to one I downloaded from the web so you know what I'm talking about. Alot of Blog Footers (WP) now have this as a Footer Instead. Everything I had down being a numerous year vet in Photoshop Logo/GFX Design, but just getting into some unfamiliar territory, as I would never have to use the Pen tool (etc) on something this accurate & 960px wide. LOL URL-: i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv87/thatsprivate/WEB%20DESIGN%20RELATED/… THANKS AGAIN All FORRST Invitees & Especially "The Helpers" (You Know Who You Are - Heling VETERAN & NEW MEMBERS & Posting TIPS & TRICKS, SNIPPETS For Everyone 2 Benefit! ~ You Do Not Go Un-Noticed. Much Thanks In ADVANCE As Always.... Sincerely & a Kind Mid-2012 4 Your Business, jayism @OpenDevs @jaycameron


Need Help Turning a Table into CSS2/HTML - (Code & Image Provided)

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. I'm currently doing some upgrading to an eBay Template of mine, and I sort of went from PS7 to PS CS3 and missed everything in between, so my CSS skills are basic and not on the top of my head like good old HTML which is one language I can (un)proudly say I can write freehand of the top of my head, for the most part, the fancy stuff I still need to look up... anyway my point in rambling was to make that my eBay template was actually coded by my brother, and I added some html and style elements over the years and its about 5-6yrs old now, so time for an upgrade - BIG TIME. The html with all ts changes is aweful, and we need a new design, but the part below is currently a table: Full Size (Easier to see the lighter colours) img715.imageshack.us/img715/8167/… (The blue gif dots are also an item which is changing - is there a css method for replacing those using css only or plain images - they will be more modern, fun looking.) Here is the horrible HTML code for that section: (For some reason the 'code' markdown, and even 'code and 'pre' markdown is not showing the code, its just displaying the HTML, but messed up. I am looking through ppl's posts for that other trick with makes the code look like it does on e-TextEditor (Coloured & Spaced HTML Code), so I went to Pastie and made a nice coloured copy which is easy to undestand. Thanks.) pastie.org/… Please forget the actual Text used in the original, this is the only one I could find that was a html file to screenshot the section. Title1, Title2. Title3 etc is fine for the Bolded, and Entry Text is fine for the other text.... Title 1: Entry Text I am not just lazy here, I have tried to get some css going with this, but proving disapointing on margins, Oh and as this is a table it has a light grey colour border around, whch was fine in 2006, but it would be cool to add a light grey border around the entire 'table' that has slightly rounded corners - another place I failed. I could alo not find any informaton on how to set it up in 2 columns like this table using css.... I only ask when all other options are exhausted, and what I have a a 1 column css/html version of this using Lists and &149; instead of my old blue 'dot', though, I am open to suggestions on that, if there is a quick loading way of using an image or CSS only way, I'm open to both suggetions/practices. For now if needed just use the blue dot for now if an image is needed, if css can be used a nice #1d9cb3 (Light Blue) or Gradient in blues - I mean I don't mean to be picky, using White to Black (the gradient) is fine, I just would like to be shown HOW to do it, NOT for you to do the work for me. Any colours and titles, text will be, of course, completed by myself once implementing. I would also like your guys advise should I leave the light grey borders between each 'section' or go without, and just have a slightly darker grey rounded border around the whole thing - OR both? I'm sort of tossed up between the two, but of I can be shown how to add the border if needed, that would be great, so I can see both when added to the entire design once complete. Btw, I will show you guys the template once it's complete. I'm working on the eBay Store Template in Photoshop at the moment. The Listing template will be easier, as It wll not have the Store Header like some do, I think it's confusing, as all the store navigation is there which is not needed. It will be similar, but not be lazy and just use the same template. I like to show off my work here when others have helped me out, and never forget a name! Thanks in Advance all you CSS/(X)HTML Guys 'n Gals.... You have no idea how much this little code will teach me for other aspects of this design & others I do - Once I learn a trick, I keep it in my archive incase I need somthing similar in the future - with a goal of being fully freehand one day :-) Cheers Again, Jay


Rounded Corners 'table-type area' but using CSS3 or Similar

I am looking for a way to add rounded corners to a table-like element which will be the border of the the entire section of a WebApp Design taking up almost 1 page with all the info (HTML/CSS/XHTML) inside. Sort of a 'wrapper' but the whole wrapper will have a height & need rounded corners. Is there a way to do this? I was thinking of using the old Photoshop method into a table, even though I'm learning some intermediate/advanced css/xhtml now I'd llike to give this template a go only using CSS & HTML. If you can help me out in any way I will be very grateful and love the this side of the community when a member gets stuck - everyone has been so helpful in the past. P/S - I hope you understand what I mean, I can create a mockup in PS CS3 if you like. NOTE-: 80% of the page contents will be INSIDE this rounded corner area (like an old table with graphic rounded edges in the old days - slicing the middle for 'content') - just like that but using CSS3 (or CSS2 turns back to square? - or javascript etc.... :-) ) Would appreciate any help you can give in the matter - this is a must for my new 1 page landing page. Regards, JayISM

Landing page Logo I'm working on [alpha 0.1]

This is just a Landing Page logo design I've been working on this morning. I wanted it to minimalistic with a pixel-like look. This is only the 1st Alpha of this landing page logo. I used a text effect and pencil icon that gave a 'pixel-type' look only. Pxld.in will be a ShortURL service for designers and developers with a twist... [Added later after original shortURL service is in play] Showing galleries on recent uploads, popular rated, membership system, Designers contact details, link to full size image and other functions related to the shortURL Service and the Design aspect so web designers/ux'ers/graphic artists/illustrators can have a better chance at getting work. Will be connected to share with related Social Networks as we move on from the basics. This is a community based project SO FAR we have Photoshop Element and Layout Designers, a part-time PHP/mySQL coder [We have just started out the implementation - though Idea's and planning have been in the works for 6-7wks] If you are new, intermediate or advanced in Design/Development/Marketing/Branding/Illustration/GFX Design or a great helper or Supporter with some skills - in any/all languages/needs that can fit in with this project we would love and need your help. Appealing for new freelancers or for those wanting to get involved in Community Projects and a great idea for Portfolio expansion, being part of a team of varying talent and equally passionate individuals. All participants are regarding as 'Contributer's' on different levels, and will be reflected on the Project in the Contact List and titles of those Involved, - If you have experience running project teams we would also love to hear from you too! We have been Sponsored by UberGlam and have some great Prizes and Giveaways for certain participants and a some Start Up cash is being put forward by a number of those involved through sponsorship of their workplaces - This will help with Hosting [unless we get a donated Host] and with other essentials! If you are interested in more details on the project itself, or what sort of commitment is needed. You can contact me anytime on Forrst or eMail/gTalk: chtter@gmail.com [OR] Skype: mysrvice [or] Twttr: @pxldin



Traditionally I'm a Graphics Designer, and old school HTML coder (back when web pages needed Photoshop 6/7 and easy HTML code for terrific looking graphical sites with cool stuff for back then.... a large few years break from the coding of web pages left me missing important lessons that used to be a few lines in a <style> tag LOL. OK... I have a WebApp the graphic design is ready to get coding to CSS/HTML. Now, alot of CSS I learn/ have learned that gets me by, but I'm stuck on this very frustrating part.... the start LOL. I have my HTML started, CSS started as far as the reset and small items I know I will be using... Now I have a 952px x 4px gif image which is to go across the very top of the screen with no top or bottom padding so it's flush obviously. This is the start of my 'visual code' and has me dumb-founded!! This image (which is more than one color, otherwise i'd be fine) then has my logo right below it to the very left, then my navigation to the right of that.... which I have no probs. Can someone help me? I know my description may not be the best, but I hope you get me.... 4px height image going the total length of the screen that is 100% 0r repeated. Thanks guys, I hate asking stupid questions, but google-ing my life out will not find results unless I stumble on it, which I don't have time, and being part of a understanding community I feel less like an ass for assking ;) Cheers Guys. Jay


A Question about some Javascript Code I have

Hi Guys, I have some code kindly given to me by @eriktdesign which I thought was PHP at first & since I'm a Designer, coding is not my strong area, so I went on a mission on how to make this 'php code' work..... after a few weeks I tried everything I knew, read everything I could find (things to make it work, like adding the "php" tags and blah blah)... nothing was working, nor coming to mind on how I was to get this to work. I asked a php coder what am I doing wrong.. He replied 'this is not PHP it looks like Javascript'. Sooo, my Question is: how do I get this to Work? It's like I got the code but no instructions on how to use it :-) I can go on a merry go round ride again in search, but thought It would just be easier to ask the friendly guys over at Forrst, as php, yeah I can handle a little, but JS I know absolutely zero about, but want to learn, as I'm fascinated with jQuery & AJAX. So I'm hoping someone can tell me how to set this up to work, do I put it in a .js file as is? or add <script> tags to top and bottom and put in my header?.. this is what I mean about me & JS... lost at sea! Here is the code as per @eriktdesign and how it was set out when given to me: __ In function randomString() { var chars = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXTZabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; var string_length = 10; var randomstring = ''; for (var i=0; i<string_length; i++) { var rnum = Math.floor(Math.random() * chars.length); randomstring += chars.substring(rnum,rnum+1); } document.randform.randomfield.value = randomstring; } Use this then for the form: <form name="randform"> <input type="button" value="Create Random String"> <input type="text" name="randomfield" value=""> </form> So I had this to go on, and until yesterday thought I was dealing with a php function LOL... I appreciate any help anyone can give me, this code is used to create WEP Passwords of 10digits, I also in my quest ended up making a php version that does the same but because of my limited php knowledge and the snippets I picked up here and there my PHP version uses alot of "echo" where any HTML goes, which leaves me somewhat limited on the design side of things having to put all my design inside echo's does not seem like the best solution.... Therefore I have decided for this purpose JS would be the best solution for now, and can help me to start learning JS and venture into jQuery & AJAX on this Project. ~~ Just my little rant. Thanks guys in advance for any guidance and instruction. Cheers, -Jay