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Jason Davis

Project Page for CodeDevelopr

I am working on a Portfolio section for my [Web Developer blog](http://www.codedevelopr.com/) [CodeDevelopr.com](http://www.codedevelopr.com/) This is what I have come up with so far, my goal was to show large images of a project, so each project's page will have several large images like in the screenshot down the right column of the page. Some things need to be tweaked still, I just wanted to post something on Forrst, it's been a while!

Blog Series for Wordpress

Working on a Blog post series plugin for Wordpress, I know it exist but I wanted to customize and make it very lightweight

Author List Widget

As I expand my web developer blog codedevelopr.com to have more than 1 author, I created this handy Author list widget for the sidebar

Rainbow.js Syntax Highlighter

I have been using the SyntaxHighlighter.js by Alex Gorbatchev for a long time but I finally made the switch to the new lightweight Rainbow.js today. craig.is/making/… You can see it live on my site codedevelopr.com/


codeDevelopr Web Developer Blog

Follow Social Twitter : http://twitter.com/JasonDavisFL Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/codedevelopr Google+ Plus : https://plus.google.com Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/jason_davis/ if you haven't please check out the site and connect... Website : http://www.codeDevelopr.com Web Developer List : Subscribe - Web Developer List Here are some snapshots to show the progress so far... (full-size image here http://codedevelopr.com/screenshots/2012/06/laptop-portfolio2.jpg CodeDevelopr is a Web Developer blog I recently started, I have been focused on the design and back-end but soon I will focus on the content. I will still continue to improve the site and it's features. If you are interested in writing a Guest post then feel free to contact me and I will possibly publish it. This week we have been getting around 2,500 visitors a day.

New Navigation Menu

Just a couple snaps of the new Navigation menu I built this evening for my web developer blog http://www.codedevelopr.com Before - the old menu just had popular topics/tags as the nav menu After - the new menu have the topics/tags in a dropdown menu so that I can have other important menu links in the header as well.

Facebook Page Cover and App Icons

My attempt of branding a Facebook page for my Web Developer Blog's FB page. Check it out live here and LIKE the FB page please CodeDevelopr Facebook Page - facebook.com/codedevelopr

Forrst Markdown Editor Bookmarklet/Extension

For a while now I have been wanting Forrst to have a Javascript Markdown Editor (BBCode type buttons that do Markdown + Preview of HTML output from the Markdown) I have decided to do it myself! I am about 90% done so far it uses the same style of Markdown editor that StackExchange (StackOverflow, ServerFault, SuperUser, etc...) uses My Prototype uses a Bookmarklet, I am still fine tuning it to get all the bugs out but then I will likely release it as a Google Chrome Extension as well. Some of the features... Easy list builing (un-ordered and ordered) with the click of a button You can select text and then Hit a button to do the format on it (Headings, Lists, Code blocks,Links, BOLD text, Italic text) Add image by pasting image URL into dialog box Add Link by URL into dialog box and define the Link Anchor text Can select a block of Code and hit the Code button and it will auto make it a code block You want it? Initially I did this for my own use but I think it is useful enough that others may find it useful as well. I ma using an open source markdown editor and simply doing the Forrst integration to make life easier, Markdown is simple to learn but I like to be able to format blocks of code with the click of a button when posting on Forrst and I think this is a good solution. I am finishing up a few minor bugs and I will release this if people want it? To stay updated Follow on Twitter JasonDavisFL or subscribe to my Web Developer Blog codeDevelopr.com Here you can see the Buttons and Preview Section. Here you can see the Insert Image Dialog. Here you can see the Insert URL Link Dialog.