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Jared Tomeck

This is what I am

This is what I am

Banner Icons

Icons for the banner of a website I'm working on for one of our clients at IntelliSites.

Product Purchase

Buy now button for a product purchase widget.

More Pure CSS Buttons

These ones don't work in IE8 or earlier... but they aren't real browsers anyway so I suppose it doesn't matter :P jtwebfolio.com/css-buttons/…

Pure CSS Buttons

I designed these buttons entirely with HTML/CSS3. I didn't open Photoshop at any point in the process of their creation. The reason I created these was for use on an upcoming project (hopefully I'll be able to start work on it in the near future and post shots). Be sure to click the link and see the non-image version of these.

Zippr Logo

Started this logo design mainly for fun. Maybe I'll be able to use it for something someday (ie. mobile app, website, etc).

UI Style Navigation

UI Style navigation I created for fun. Let me know what you think!

Logo Design for Fox Tale

This is a logo design for a brewing company that is just starting up. This is another project where I'll be designing the website eventually.