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Jan Kovařík  Pro

IGUSTO - Traditional Muffins

My latest logo design approved by client. The logo should be evoke imagination about homemade traditional muffins.

Logo Postele Havlas

The last "clever logo", which I finished :) Explanation for non-Czech speaking: "POSTELE" means "BEDS" and "HAVLAS" is the name of my client.

iOS app icon - resized

Resized final version.

Retina Glyphicons

Special Christmas price for everybody! Limited time only. There are 50 brand new icons and other 30 have been changed. They are simplier, sharper and more usable then before. Check, please: bit.ly/… In present I am preparing a version 1.2, if you miss any icon for your application, contact me via e-mail and I can create any icon especially for you, as a part of the next updated version.

Icons update

I have drawn 50 new icons - most of them are prepared especially for you! I have improved more than 30 original / previous icons and these days I have been working on Retina version. I will do my best to prepare everything until Christmas. Thank you for your support.

Scrap logo

Part of the logo that I created recently. Soon I will add links to my complete logo design process, so if you're interested :) background texture: © playingwithbrushes (Flickr)