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Jake Caputo  Pro

Outreach WP Theme

This is a little WordPress theme I've been working on. Geared towards charities and non-profits. Hopefully will be releasing it soon. It's both Retina Display ready and responsive. Like a boss. Edit: This is now available at ThemeForest


Take My Money, HBO!

If you haven't seen it yet, I launched this site last night after about 2 hours of work. As of time of posting, the site has been live for 17 hours and has received more than 86K visitors.


Daily Dose - A Weird Little Template I Made

This is just a fun little template I made for ThemeForest. It automatically updates each day, pulling from an XML. Not sure what it will be used for, but right now I'm using it for my Christmas Movie Marathon. I'm not going trying to hock it to get sales, I just wanted to show the community this neat little pointless thing I made =D

Mustache Business Cards

These are my new business cards. My other ones were a hit with all of my clients, so I wanted to expand a little bit on the concept. These cards are 14pt matte, 3.5 x 1.5, so a little smaller than normal cards. Check out more photos here.

A Freelancer's Schedule

I thought this was a fun way to announce my upcoming vacation time to my clients. Big thanks to @ormanclark for the calendars, otherwise I would have been too lazy to do this!

Some Simple Clean Buttons I put up for download

I made these for a project and thought I'd share the wealth/knowledge. You can download the psd over at my place.


Redesign of Chick Flick Reviews

I recently launched a redesign of this site, it's a movie review site that my friends run and I kind of work it behind the scenes. After 18 months of the girls writing reviews, I was able to build a better WP theme from the ground up with everything that the site needs and to make a little more automated. If anybody has any feedback or sees anything that I may have missed I'd appreciate it if you let me know =) Also, I used line patterns and a ribbon (see it in action here) from @ormanclark.


My newest business cards. Each person I give one to instinctively puts it up to their face... worked like a charm ;)