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Jackie Ngo

Forrst Redesign | Would You Post From a Mobile Device?

Hey Forrsters! We're still knee-deep in the redesign and we want your feedback on posting from a mobile device. We’ve been designing Mobile First, so that we can focus on a building a core experience and fine tune the content and functionality as we adapt for larger screen sizes. That being said, we don’t want to restrict functionality on a phone. While the number of users writing long descriptive posts on a phone might not be very high, we still need to accommodate that particular use case.

Forrst Redesign: Should We Bring Back Post Types?

Hey Forrsters! We're currently working toward a redesign for Forrst, and we'd like to get your feedback! Forrst was built and is successful by the community, and we want to find ways to help foster that experience. One of our big goals is to improve the quality of the posts on the site.

New Enroll Marketing Site

Hey Forrsters! We’ve put together a new page for our app, Enroll and would love to get your feedback! Enroll used to have a very simple landing page; we’re talking a few lines of text and a signup form. We saw an opportunity for improvement and charged ahead.

Event Illustrations

These are some illustrations that I worked on to represent different events. They are done in a simple, geometric style, with some subtle complexity to add delight. I think the style is successful across the set, but would love some feedback on the execution and weight. Thanks!