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Jason Block

Portfolio Design: LIVE!!

Hey guys, I posted a couple of days ago about the new design for my portfolio. I just wanted to show you the product that's currently online and gather any feedback (it's a Jekyll site, so it's really easy to deploy any last-minute fixes)

New Portfolio Design: MK 2

Ahoy! Yesterday I posted a new design for my portfolio (http://forrst.com/posts/New_Porfolio_Design-H68). I've made some big layout changes and wanted to gauge some feedback. Sidenote: I do know that I need to do something with the content in the middle on the main page. The barren nature of that content area is bugging me. I'm thinking of some sort of abstract line-art behind everything, but I'm still brainstorming at the moment. Thanks, all!

New Porfolio Design

Thoughts? The footer definitely needs some work. I'm trying to be extremely simple (for example, there's no JS on the page whatsoever). Be honest/critical, please! (Sorry for the huge images. Screencapped from a retina Macbook).


Default HTML5 video player's play/pause buttons not working...

china-usa.org When you click on the image below "But don't take our word for it," a lightbox (more specifically, a JWBox) appears with a video corresponding to the correct testimonial. What's weird is that the HTML5 default video player for each respective browser is loading, but the play/pause button isn't working. You can scrub through the video, right click and select play/pause, or adjust the volume, but clicking on the video itself is a lost cause. Anyone run into this problem before? Also, any criticism concerning the rest of the site's design is welcome and encouraged.


Made the move from PSD to html. It's still missing something, but I can't put my finger on it...Any ideas, forrsters?


Javascript Issues

So I'm working to automate the scrolling of a slideshow without too much backend work. It was easy to make it scroll forwards through each slide, but when they asked me to make it scroll forwards and backwards, that's when the problems started. var autoTime = 10000, ssNext = 0; var autoScroll = function() { var stat = 1; if ($('.next').hasClass('disabled_')) { stat = 2; } if ($('.prev').hasClass('disabled_')) { stat = 1; } if ($('.next').hasClass('disabled_') || stat == 2) { $('.prev').click(); } else {$('.next').click(); } }; ssNext = setInterval('autoScroll()',autoTime); Firebug says that autoScroll is undefined, which it clearly isn't. Is my function implementation somehow flawed? Is this some arcane error with the javascript stack? Also, I do not mind any suggestions about the function code itself. I'm not the best at javascript, so I'll take any and all advice.


Best affordable color calibration tool?

My laptop at the moment is blessed with an atrociously cool color temperature, and various factors are keeping me from getting a new laptop (for one, it wouldn't be cheap to get MATLAB for Mac for 2 more years of engineering school...) I know about the Spyder and the Huey, and have only tried out a borrowed Spyder on a cheap-o monitor at home where even accurate color calibration couldn't save it. What's everybody's color calibration tool of choice? I'm looking for any and all suggestions--hardware and software.


Here is a mockup of a site I'm working on. I'm looking for some feedback from you guys on how to proceed in some certain areas: I've incorporated some chinese script into the logo in the navigation bar. Does it work? is it distracting? As you can probably notice, the picture displayed prominently on the page is very inappropriate for an educational travel company in which you are to learn the correct way to practice traditional Chinese medical techniques, but I think it works for this mockup. But more importantly, I am struggling to figure out a clean way to present images from previous participants without making it look like a pure vacation. Does the lattice pattern for the footer look in any way Chinese? Is it distracting? Thanks in advance, guys.