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Sazzad Hossain  Pro

Alluring Wordpress Theme

Alluring is a simple blog style theme designed to provide the user with a simple, elegant and up-to modern standard online blogging theme that can be easily customized for any use. Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3, Alluring comes mobile-first with all the framework’s features customized for this specific template. Furthermore, Alluring is coded so that it is easy to use with any plugins. This is our first WordPress theme, so we wanted to get as much feedback as we could to improve it. It is available on the Creative Market for purchase. You can also take a look at the live preview from there. Creative Market: http://go.fwp.li/1dIgtAV

Typo Template

Had an idea for a new template. This is the header portion of the template. The idea is to create a semi-flat design and use Typography as the forerunner. The typography banner (placeholder image for now) is from http://supermarkethq.com/product/the-abc-s-of-branding-white


Working on a flat-style portfolio design for the Creative Market. This is the landing page. The idea with the sidebar is that the sub-navs open to the right as in the second image when you hover over the parent item. The inside pages are kept simple and as clean as possible. I found some great ideas for the theme while surfing through Dribbble and other inspiration sites. The icons are all font-awesome based and most of it is CSS. The footer is hidden by default, but when you click the arrow on the bottom right, it slides up. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. All suggestions are welcomed.

Simply.Me - Personal Portfolio

Today we launched a new template that you can buy on the @CreativeMarket. We spent this entire month on the template, getting the concept and the style we wanted. We are happy to release it, but have a little issue with the template coming together as a whole. After releasing we began fixing bugs and making upgrades to the template. I am posting here to ask you to help us find issues you see with the design. One that was already pointed out was the header text being a little difficult to read. We have a fix in the work, by granting the users the ability to customize it with video bg and bg-colors. If you could kindly provide some feedback, that would be greatly appreciated.

App Icon

Working on an app icon for a company project. It's a project about home listings in NYC. I built it on top of this beautiful template by Chris Tauziet. Created using Adobe Fireworks. Click on the image to see larger version with more details. The icon was updated based on feedback. Check out the image below for updated icon. We choose to go without text due to rendering issues on some devices.

Simple Login

Working on a simple login page for work and wanted to get some opinions before submitting it along with the project for review. What do you think? The login form is centered to the page and is responsive. Since we hated checkbox's but still needed that to carry out the "remember my login" function, we decided to cloak the checkbox into a button. We are also providing the option to login with social networks, but we didn't want that over-powering our own login. Any C&C will be appreciated.

CSS Beautifier

Few days ago I got a hold of Sencha Labs's CSS beautifier project. Since then, I wanted to add a skin to their beautiful tool. Today, I had some spare time and added the skin I used for my personal website to this. I think it came out pretty well. What do you think? (See the footer for a link to Sencha Lab's Github source) The "CSS Beautifier" title has been updated to stand out more. Please see the live link below.

ArmStrong Template

This is a new template we are working on. Built on Bootstrap, this template uses Font-Awesome icon font as a substitute for the default Bootstrap icons. The header's skyline silhouette is from the WordPress Fireworks Canvas experiment. The text below the navigation is CSS animated and changes every few seconds (based on Codrops tutorial). Note that the images are placeholders and are not created by us. We have plans to lighten the load time by using as much CSS as possible.