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Matt Gardner


If you like working in coffee shops in SF, you may find this useful.

I like working in coffee shops, but I hate walking into one without seats. Hopefully with some crowdsourcing, we can make this a useful tool for those who like to work in coffee shops! What do you think? Anything I should add/remove?

Landing/Signup Page

I've been tweaking the product quite a bit and built a landing page (with signup) to gain users. I call it Better Invoices. It has less features than the competition, but ones that I think are more valuable such as accepting credit cards and knowing when an invoice has been viewed/read (not currently in production). I love feedback. What do you think? If you're interested you can view this page here: http://betterinvoices.com/signup (you may see different copy – I'm doing some A/B testing).


Need help choosing a typeface!

So I'm trying to choose a typeface for one of my projects (usereminders.com). Currently I'm just using helvetica. I'm trying to find something that's more "brand" like and not so generic. Any suggestions?