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Scott Parry

Audio player design

I've just finished creating a new Wordpress theme which incorporates a unique audio player. Inspired by coversutra this is what I came up with. The live version uses jPlayer which my skin sits on top of. Thoughts? You can see it in action here: themes.ikreativ.com/audiology/ and you can grab the .PSD free here: ikreativ.com/freebies/album-cover/

Supportive WP Theme

EDIT: WOW, that got approved quicker than expected, it's now on Themeforest! Creating another WP theme, this time a little different than the norm. This one is a support / knowledgebase / Q&A type theme letting you do the obvious, create a support site or knowledgebase. You can also check out the live version: themes.ikreativ.com/ Let me know your thoughts. -Scott

Vue nearly complete! Thoughts? [large image]

EDIT: Theme approved in less than 8 minutes on Themeforest! 0_0 themeforest.net/item/vue-responsive-worpdress-theme/1312745/ NOTE: Due to the file size I had to lower the image quality for uploading Okay, so if you've seen some of my previous posts you'll have seen "Vue", a new Wordpress theme I've been working on. You'll also notice that I had to modify the original 404/search pages a little to compensate for any image a user may set as the background. Well it's very nearly ready for release and here it is! From top to bottom: Posts View Single Post View Page View with included shortcodes Page View with included scaffolding Fullscreen Slideshow Custom Search Page Custom 404 Responsive Layouts Key features: Responsive design Fullscreen slideshow Audio player Unlimited backgrounds Per page background Built-in contact form Built in Google maps Automatic Tweets to Posts Automatic text links Built-in like script Automatic image sizing Plus tons more! Cheers, Scott

Vue Audio Player

Following on from my previous posts on my new theme 'Vue', I've now designed and implemented the audio player. The player itself is jplayer and is skinned to suit. Here it is! I'm also making the PSD source for this player available via my blog: ikreativ.com/blog/2012/01/…

Vue Preview

This is just a preview showing the detail in the new theme I'm working on. As you can see in the nav, the inactive items are blurred out with CSS and then come back in when active/hovered. Major features will include: Automatically create posts from Tweets, just add Twitter username. Text autolink, looks for http:// or www. or mailto: and automatically creates the link. Responsive CSS with added jQuery Masonry. Built-in "like" script. Built-in "post view count" script. Fullscreen Gallery. Audio and video player. (TBC) Then obviously the usual theme features; Options panel, multiple backgrounds, fonts etc...ohhh, and the custom search/404 previously posted earlier. Cheers, Scott

404 Error Page

Complimenting the custom search page in my previous post here is the custom 404 I've also created. Cheers, Scott

Search form for an upcoming Wordpress Theme

Working on a new Wordpress theme and decided to do something a little different. Rather than the usual search form in the sidebar or whatever, I've created a page with a large search form bang in the center. Added a cute little monster to keep a friendly feel and a little humor. Scott


Just did a quick sketch as I was bored and haven't picked up a pencil for far too long, I really should do more!