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Steven Noble

HP Homepage Redesign

Just a direction I started some time ago, that it doesn't look like HP would ever embrace, especially with their recent moves to reinstate Windows 7. Any comments are appreciated. I wanted to create a cohesive, unified branding push based on the rebranding that was spinning around some years ago.

iWatch Concept

Check out my blog for more details, renders, and animations: [http://toddham.com/blog/iwatch-concept](http://toddham.com/blog/iwatch-concept)

Pixelworx Logo Evolution

The new version of the Pixelworx Idea Factory logo (2014) The original logo as designed in 2012. This is an initial starting point sketch which shows my interest in adding detail to the factory portion of the logo. Everything would remain the same to maintain the integrity of the logo. Only the typeface in the wordmark would be changed. A two point perspective sketch to show the positioning of the factory in relation to the top of the shield in the bottom of the logo. Another perspective sketch where I chose to scrap the rectangular windows for arched windows - primarily because I was shooting for a retro factory (circa early 20th century).


WordPress Framework

Hey guys, I'm currently working on a free WordPress theme that can be used both as a simple WordPress blogging theme and as a framework to develop your own themes. It will contain very minimal design and all core WordPress functionalities. I'm looking for feedback that will help me to better understand what people would like to see in a theme like this: - What functionalities would you like to see (or not) in this theme? - How much design do you think a theme like this needs? More or less? All feedback is appreciated. The current design is still a very early concept (all content is copyright their respective authors). Thanks!

A Modern FileZilla

After Cyberduck started to act really weird on me I decided to use FileZilla as my primary FTP. While I'm enjoying the application more and more the design is showing its age. So I ended up making a design concept of FileZilla that looks more modern and clean. Enjoy!

Label and printing company

The client's logo can be changed so i created 3 samples according to the logo and colors. The content is all the same but i couldnt decide on the colors. I hope the client gonna like the white one.

DuxDux Crowdfunding Site

Hi all, Would love some feedback on a crowdfunding site I'm working on. We wanted it to be much more visual and fun to browse and look at. How do you all feel about the pinterest / isotope.js layout? And of course, any other feedback is really appreciated too. Don't be afraid to crush all my dreams, make me cry, etc etc. Cheers, T

Flipboard Icon Redesign

Just a fast test to show you, @DesignFacet how that looks. Choosing the right colors is an important point here.