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Joakim Aglo

Blue Button

A button I made for an eCommerce template (Magento) that I'm working on. I guess it's time for me to get my hands dirty with some CSS3...

Skype Login Screen

I was inspired by another redesign of the Skype login screen, so I decided to make one myself. Wanted to keep it clean, but some depth in the input fields might not hurt...

Magento Login Page

Designed a login page for the Magento backend login page. Planning on coding this using CSS3, which I am a newbie at. I guess I will have to use an image as background for the whole header to get it right with the shadow? Any tips?

Daiari Mayer Redesign

Redesigning the online store for Daiari Mayer. The products are mainly colorful fashion bags in the price range $75-$100. I want the website to have sort of a playful and fun feel without being childish! I also want to emphasize that the products are handmade. How old would you think the targeted group is by looking at the design of the website? Does the design the "reflect" the actual price range of the products? Are the bright orange colors too childish? I am open for changing the colors and adding some textures. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

Help with margins

Working on a virtual business card template. Note that all pages won't be shown at the same time - they will be loaded when using the navigation buttons. I'm particularly looking for feedback regarding the margins. I'm using a 30 pixel margin around the content and between the two columns. I think it would look better if I changed the bottom margin to around 40px for text, but that looks strange for images that's covering the whole height (like on the first page - it would look weird to have 30px margin on top and on the left, but 40px on the bottom). Check my red comments on the snap. Combining the two (using 30px margin at the bottom for full height images, but 40 px for everthing else would look inconsistent... So what should I do? (I'm also interested in any other feedback). Thanks!

Dark Virtual Business Card

Working on a virtual business card template for Themeforest, inspired by some of the awesome user interfaces posted on forrst and elsewhere. I'm thinking of making a light version as well...

Notebook - Virtual Business Card

Working on a Virtual Business Card Template. Tips on making corners/shadows/typography/anything better? Fire away! EDIT: The template is now available on Themeforest.net.

App Marketing Template

Working on a marketing template for apps that I'll be selling on Themeforest. I'm thinking of making it a one-page with a large static header including a couple of call-to-action buttons and some important marketing information. The main column (where it says "Features") will be updated by clicking on the navigation links on the right. It will be loaded using ajax or I might just load the whole content at once and show/hide it using a jQuery tab plugin. Thoughts?