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Ionut Colceriu

Business Card Maker app

**Update 1:** After some great feedback and suggestions from @bengremillion and @erquhart, I've tweaked the color scheme a bit, increased the header and card preview, along with adding more whitespace in places, so the overall design has improved quite a bit. Still looking for feeback! **Original post:** I'm working on a simple app that helps easily create business cards. It's very much a work-in-progress, but I'd love to get some feedback on the overall design early on: http://bizcardmaker.com/ I settled on a blue color scheme, since I can play around with it and still keep a business/professional look. The thumbnails for the business card templates are at the top to separate the process in three steps (Choose template, Edit details, Download), each on a vertical region. This also gives me some room on the right on the business card preview, where I'm planning to place ads. I'm open to any suggestions. Let me know what you think!

CSS Toggle Switches new docs website

Hi guys! I just released a new version of my [CSS Toggle Switches](http://ghinda.net/css-toggle-switch/) project, on which the [Switch](http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/switch.html) component in Foundation 4 is based on, with a redesigned documentation website. http://ghinda.net/css-toggle-switch/ The new version of the switches have a number of improvements, like re-adding compatibility with Foundation 4 for the multi-option switch, among others. Since the documentation website is aimed at developers/designers I tried to avoid any non-essential decorations, and tried to make it as clear as possible, both in terms of copy and of layout, to make it easy for people to figure out how to start using the switches. What do you think? How could I improve it to get even closer to this? I'd love some feedback on the redesign of the new documentation website, but I won't ignore any suggestions for the switches themselves.