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George Raptis

HTML5 Canvas Text API Demo (Revised)

Added an output console so that the user sees the actual scripts while updating the text properties.

HTML5 Canvas Text API Demo

This demo was implemented while studying the HTML5 Canvas Text API.

sportsperformance.gr website

Sports Performance is a website about a personal and performance trainer located at Larissa, Greece. It's a website that I really enjoyed both the design and development process.

CSS3 Animated Music Bars

A CSS3 demo which was made just for fun while listening to music. Should work great in Firefox, Chrome and Safari latest versions.

Personal portfolio mobile version

I just wanted a really minimal design for the mobile version of my personal portfolio website. I used to do it with media queries but found out that it was not as optimized as I wanted. This is a first version. Feedback will be appreciated.

Personal portfolio redesign

As a new user of Forrst I thought that my first post should be about the latest update of my personal one page portfolio website. I tried to keep a clean and simple layout design focused on the projects I have developed.