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The Forrst is Growing Into Something New

More than a year ago, we at ZURB took over Forrst with the hopes of restoring its former glory and breathing new life into what Kyle Bragger started. We wanted to foster a thriving community centered around active learning and feedback. We molded Forrst into a place where others could share their work and learn from each other. But we noticed more people using it as place to ask questions and discuss design. We've decided it was time for a change. With that, **we're announcing today that we'll be shutting down the ability to create new posts on Forrst on April 14**.

Post Versions are Here!

Hey Forrsters— We [teased](http://forrst.com/posts/Forrst_Post_Versions_are_Coming-G3s) our new feature — Versions — last week. Well, the wait is over. It's here! Starting today, you can now add a new iteration to one of your existing posts instead of editing the post or creating a brand-new post.

The Wait is Over. The Brand-Spanking New Forrst is Here.

Today, we're excited to finally unleash the brand-spanking new Forrst out into the wild! We've been in Private Release for the past month or so, getting feedback from the community. Now everyone can enjoy the new Forrst and it's features!

Forrst Redesign | Off-Canvas Navigation and Search

Hey Forrsters, We're speeding closer to the public release of the new redesign, and we're iterating daily. We spent last week working on the off-canvas navigation. We've taken a mobile-first approach with the new Forrst, including using an off-canvas flyout for both mobile and desktop. Check it out:

Forrst Redesign | Feedback on the New Post Creation

When we first embarked on the redesign, we asked everyone if we should bring back post types. A lot of you thought it'd be a good way to scan through the posts. Now posts have the categories of: visual design, interaction design, code or discussion. The feedback we got also helped us when it came to actually creating a post.

Earning Your Merit Badges

We're still getting feedback from the Forrsters in the Private Release. @gtfarrell has given us great feedback on how images appear in the Post Stream. We've cleaned them up so they'll be much crisper and clearer. But the one thing we've been working on this past week is figuring out how all of you can earn your merit badges.

What's in a Profile? A Profile by Any Other Name

We've been getting great feedback from the folks in the Private Release of the Forrst redesign. @Oiseau gave us some detailed feedback on the profile page, which we cleaned up this week. Check it out:

Restoring the (New) Forrst

Last week we parted the leaves and branches, letting Forrsters into the new Forrst. We've been getting such great feedback from the community, including from @JustinHubbard, who did an excellent write-up on the new design.